and when it looks like its down too break set fire and watch it go up and flame maybe itll save both of us some shame buts just a game too you isnt not about fame just who gets too take blame on our visits, cant we just stick with it, act like we're still a part of each others life and and live with it rather then the suddle surprise of the croack without the ribbit, constantly thinking about how we do rather then the solutuions that we shoudl be using too getr through the night rather then throwing stuff at each other we hug then squeeze it tight start crying but its not cuz we're sad its cuz we know they were right the whole time before i even thought too rhyme us meeting want a crime it was just the wrong place and wrong time, within my veins corrodes jealousy behind close doors no more id ask but im tired of you yellin at me, not realizing it we go through the night ignoring the future hell too play theres no way we can work this out cuz everywere but together we stay. wouldnt matter couldnt get the truth anyway, i think its best too say that we tryed our hardest anyway now in this prison ill true, feel the blue water crash against my skin as i lay on the beach with you.