A lot of people think that being the second born means that they're the little ray of sunshine, the baby, the one who's looked after.

What they don't understand is the emptiness they feel when their title can mean more than that. When the child is put as the second priority.

All eyes fall upon the first born. And that's understandable.
But...isn't there a chance for the second to finally be first?
When will that time to shine come?
Or will the second always be second?
Always in the shadow of the first.

Call it jealousy...but I call it emptiness, sadness.

Only someone who was born second can understand the pang of pain that comes when they recieve good grades, walk into their home to show their parents expecting congradulations...only to be met with comparisons of them to the oldest... or worse...being thrown out of the equation in general.

Trying to bond with your parent...only for them to fret about where the oldest is and what they are doing.

As if what is happening with the second can mean less than the other.

And the worst part is when the oldest comes off as ungrateful. Getting so much, and more, just so they can flick it away as if its the worst thing in the world. Recieving so much love from the parent just so they can act so disgraceful.

Then there is the parent, who keeps up with the constant loving of the first. Where does this leave the second?


Left in the background. In the shadows.

As if by some chance they are the 'back-ups'.

Is that all that the second can amount to? Someone to fall back on in the posssibility that the first will fail?


What people don't understand is that being the second born isn't all that it's cracked up to be. And it probably never will be.

Einz, Zwei, Drei