Met a bunch of interesting folks around here. Would've written sooner but that damn battery in my phone keeps going out. I'm going to have to replace it; I don't know if it's because of roaming, but it's really, really annoying.

•Police guy, really tired looking. Had to shake him off on getting my signature. I enjoy my anonymity. Besides, boss doesn't like it if we can be traced.

•Really tall doctor. Doc Carswell. Had a cute kid. Little bundle of trouble though. Seems kinda sad. Lost his wife... I held off on grabbing anything from him.
I may be a thief, but man, standards.

•Weird guy. I can't remember much of talking to him, except that I knew him from somewhere. I mean, I knew him while we were talking, but now. Huh.

Of course, it's never quiet around here I've found out.

-Doc flipped out on me. Said I was creeping him out by looking like somebody else.
IDK, I think he's stressed from losing his wife. Seeing things.

-Talked to an... android? Cyborg? Terminator? Whatever he was, he didn't like humans. I mean, I get we're assholes sometimes, but nothing's ever perfect.

-Kid that chased me off earlier came by; Apologized. Kind of a weirdo though. Said I smelled strange. But kinda nice. Seemed really interested in what I was doing. Told me Central's got a mob problem. Like we've ever paid protection money. Ha!
Last idiots who tried that, well... smile


I don't remember much of last night, to be honest. I remember feeling homesick though. I miss Ellie. A lot. So today, I'm checking out of my hotel room and I'm taking the bus back to the Camp. Next time I'm in Central, it'll be with the rest of us.