What is Sanity?

A sharp stabbing inside my brain
my mind in pieces i'm going insane.

Losing reality and all perspective on life
going from day to day with so much meaningless strife.

Knock on the window because all my doors are closed
my brain is running on empty just have to strike a pose!

Stand there motionless no thought at all
they've stripped me of my dignity but I still stand tall.

Lies, promises, bruises, and cuts
my world in pieces because every door shuts!

In my life they slam in my face
its almost as if I can't find my place!

On this earth time goes by so very fast
I don't know how much longer I will last.

Years,days, minutes, seconds
the government is our king and we are all the peasants!

We bow down before them no questions asked
they make all of these ridiculous laws we didn't vote but they passed.

What is life what is time what are we to do
counting down to the second on the loved ones we knew.

They understood this world when they were young
but that time is over a knew ones begun!

It is sad really with how little we know
we cling to it as if thats as far as we’ll go

I only ask you one question answer me with the truth
this world we live in is it all just a spoof!

A game played by those with the big bills
the way this game is played gives me the chills.

As it should to you when money means more than hard work
and we cling to bronze age ideas like the floating noah's ark.

years of practice lost thru generations
that give it away due to costly stipulations.

I’ll end this here I have nothing else to say
but know this if you let them they will continue to rule and we are the ones that will pay!