I’ve heard of you so uncommon it seems
the lucky few whose constant is new hopes and dreams
your everyday outlook, I hope it hits me like a beam

Transform me into something greater than myself
make me as important as those dusty tales I shelf

Great stories of a famous greek traveler
or an English man with an act for unraveling string
a rebel of sorts the everyday unraveler
like a classical tale you must dig to see what I mean.

My agenda is hidden within an old and tattered page
more often than not my purpose is found within a cage
and what really appears as old and forgotten is space age.

New and shiny just as cold as metal should be
so clean and reflective it’s you, you will see
frightened by what you can’t accept you flee

What do you run from, and where do you go?
would I know if I saw it, if I’ve been would I know?

The places in this world only a few may see
of these great cities and forgotten buildings that hold a sacred memory
like a camera whose picture you couldn’t take properly
only a feeling of that carnival and the few seconds you rode gleefully.

A day filled with nothing new but nothing old
it’s just as translucent as a storytellers stories that can never be told
when it comes to money his dollars are already sold
while playing poker he bets after his fold.

The yellow brick road has turned white due to time
it’s full of holes and scratched surfaces plus a stolen outline
we can’t accept that things change so we call it a crime
so easily accepting one day that road will pay his fine
disregarding the fact that if you have lost your way maybe I’ve lost mine

We place blame on people due to a feeling or radical thought
we don’t learn from the lessons that have already been taught
we don’t remember the battles we have already fought
in a time with so little we take a lot.

Even the world’s most extraordinary civilizations have fallen before
when we know there's nothing left we dig deeper hoping for more
with our leaders in denial an economical and ecological collapse is in store.

Quit trying to spend money you don’t own
stop trying to grow wings when we have already flown
enough of trying to be the first to reach the unknown!