'Something isn't right.' Lemak thought to herself. She keeps striking the target with her fist along with the Falma Sisters (see below) in training. It feels remedial, it looks horrible, and in her small, dainty hands, foreign... Nothing has been working here for the princess. Here, she really is true to her blood. It's all wrong, she shouldn't feel so far out of place. All the eyes on her was making her jumpy, too. Something about the mixture of races, though all women, was jarring. The sexual potency of the princess was not spared on them. Unfortunately for a few, more harshly. It really wasn't fair. The Manip, Davedi, was next to Lemak closely, guiding her punches and form.
"Good one, Your Highness!" She says in a happy tone, still laced in heady lust. Lemak can see her flirtations more each day. She also daily kicks herself for not having the people skills to know how to react without giving herself away. She has been with the sisterhood for almost two weeks. The food has been the best part, all the women work in shifts so every night is different and new. Lemak has gained a total of seven kilos. Her small frame was filling out. Even if everyone was oblivious to it, she was growing taller. Lemak did not recognize this to herself, either.
Lemak stops in her training and turns to Davedi standing closer than they were before. "Di, I know how you feel about the princess business, but seriously, I'm not the f***ing princess here," she points to the ground, " or anywhere else." She throws her hands to the sky. Lemak and Davedi stare at each other almost nose to nose for a long moment.
"Sisters," the Manip commands. The women stand at attention. "Leave me with, Lemak, and do not return for the day. It's an early start to your hunting weekends," she adds as motivation. They are both angry as the sisters exit out civilly but every other sister glanced at the princess warily. Lemak was starting to feel like she had mad a mistake in her outburst, but she didn't lose her nerve. The door closes as the other Manip that was second to Davedi, smiles broadly towards the women. It's a dark and twisted smile packed with innuendo.
As soon as they are alone the friction in the room is palpable. Lemak opens her mouth, "What?" she demands harshly.
"You're so sexy when you're mad," the Manip grabs Lemak's hands pushing them up and her body back against the wall. Forcing her weight against her, Lemak is coerced into a long and needy kiss. A kiss needed by both of them. Lemak's head is spinning and Davedi is relishing the skin on the princess's neck. 'She is so tasty', the Manip thinks to herself. Not using any illusions, not imaging anything on her own, and complete contentment make the Manipulator lose her senses. Soon their kiss is interrupted as the screams of the sisters start reaching the training room.
"Oh no," Davedi says to Lemak.
"What's going on, Di? Do I need to run?" the princess asks brokenheartedly.

(The Falma Sisterhood is the band of warrior women of the Nine Races. They are sworn to Falma to fight for freedom of demeaning oppressions. Against all odds they protect the sanctity of life in the cities they stalk. They only hunt for one night a week. The target is usually a dredge to society; rapists, murderers, pirates, thief's, and power hungry wanna-be's. As prize, the women strip the men of clothing, goods, and skin.)