(I'm similar to Moka so I hope this entry doesn't break your fantasy of Moka being real C: )

"I just wanted to say that if you talk to Ura-chan, please don't be offended, hurt, take anything personally."

I wanted to say if you talk to me when I'm Inner Moka, please don't feel bad in any way. Like her, I have a lot of pride. I am refined, elegant, and well-mannered person. My personality, because of the sophistication, is that of a proper lady. I'm still a teen and we're in 2013 so I will sound like a teen, but I'm mature. I don't go out to "party" because I can have plenty of fun without having to go that far to de-stress. I merely hang out with my friends.

Like I said, I have a lot of pride. I can seem cold when I protect myself. I'm a tsundere towards men I would like to trust but can't. I'm a Virgo and Virgos are vulnerable (ugh, I didn't admit that). They have a tough exterior but a soft interior. Virgos are strong, capable, independent, and brave. They hate vulnerability, feeling vulnerable, and will do anything to prevent feeling weak. They are brave because they have to be or their heart won't survive. I take pride in my defense system. I'm cautious until I know it's safe to feel something towards someone.

Inner Moka comes from a well known and wealthy family. The Shuzen name is famous in the underworld. She is an S-class vampire. She is deeply aristocratic, she's arrogant, and she thinks she's better than everyone, and you can't deny her social status. She's naturally noble. An example of being supposedly better, the partying example. If you can so easily avoid doing something like getting a "hangover" isn't that good? Wise? I don't want to feel like I'm better than anyone because I'm a modest girl who loves to help others and never has no ill intentions. But ... unfortunately, I think it comes with the aristocracy. I am nowhere near a wealthy position. It's just my personality. Being proper, being sensible, holding your head up as you walk straight, being somewhat Engish?? "Being better" is unfortunately somewhat attached. You can feel it, right? gonk It's not like I want it : ... But hey, at least it makes for a good roleplay ^ u ^ So please, please, never feel hurt by Inner Moka's harshness D8. She's just being herself. We're here to roleplay and since I do a good job, I'm continuing with her behaviour. I'm just making sure people aren't scared of her. I really hate accidentally hurting people because I never mean it and it accidentally happens.

Because I have my pride, of course I'll be cold. It's easy for Inner Moka to not let Tsukune touch her. He's a human. She's a vampire and the highest level of one.
"Hmph." Pay him no attention, generally dislike him "...What?" She arched her eyebrow, unamused, ... and I have nothing else. You get the idea C: ^ ^;;

• Taken from the wikia page, "She's very kind, sweet, soft-spoken, polite, and friendly towards others." Yep c: If you talk to me, I'm like that already.
• I don't like violence and I would prefer not fighting.
• Inner Moka's catchphrase really makes sense if you think about it.
• I like being in control + immense pride + emotional strength = Inner Moka's toughness
• Friendly, helpful, sweet, kind, forgiving, stubborn, slightly jealous, gentle,... = Outer Moka
• I protect the people I care about and myself. I'm extremely loyal.
• If I can handle it, I'll do it myself. I find it difficult to ask for help and admitting weakness.
• I put things on my shoulders so others don't have to. I'm okay with taking the pain so I prevent my friend from it. As long as they're happy, blissful, or unaware, I can live on their smile.
• I'm always brave
• Excerpt of words to my boyfriend. "It's just ... I was at a time where I loved my friends, never knew my standings, never asked, didn't want my effort/love to go to waste, but kept doing it because I love them. It didn't matter if they didn't like me as much as I did them. At least they're still there, they want to spend time with me, they tolerate me, they include me, they don't forget about me. They're good people. I thought, 'Maybe not the people for me, depending on how they feel, but they're good people. They're nice.'"
• There's a very good reason why my favourite scene of all time is what it is.-goes to check what page- Ch 54, pg 23 to 35
• Oh, wow. Now that I checked the pages again, I had forgotten. pg 28 and 29.
• Ch 54, pg 23 to 35 too in character that it's almost unfair T ^ T It's like the scene from The Parent Trap (199 cool 1:49:40-1:52:17 that I saw. My heart tugged at his "You don't always have to be brave" to his ex-wife. It was like someone send it to me and relief would have followed if someone had actually said it. I could only dream.

I'm sorry. I don't know how to explain my similarities in an effective way > <
Please take my word for it on how I'm similar and you must have a strong mentality to handle Inner Moka. After this, enjoy the roleplay! ^ u ^ I look forward to having fun C: Oh, and one more thing >< I don't know how to fight but I will try. There is no way I'm going to put "-kicks-" because when you read that, you're bored. I will see what I can do ^ ^;; I can't lie when I act or I can't act as someone else. I'm already similar to her, but I put myself in Moka's shoes to write from her POV so I can write her emotions and her actions C: like how it feels to connect her foot and... (etc)