The Believer
- someone dedicated to an ideal, and seeks to spread that ideal's influence. Going on this quest is just a means to that end. They can be dedicated to any cause, but usually a kingdom or deity.

The Scholar
- someone who has lived most of their lives studying, usually in a city or monastery, with little to no contact with the world outside it's walls. They have a great amount of training and knowledge, but no real-world experience. They may have studied martial or magical skills.

The Brute
- someone born with great power, always coming from a small, remote village or tribe. They are a legend among their own small community, but they have never faced a true challenge, or encountered anyone with any real training. Though they are mighty, they are untrained, and lack skill and focus. Their might may be of either the physical or magical kind.

The Crusader
- someone who acts as a warrior for good. They tend to see the world in stark black and white, good and evil, and seek to punish evil and protect the innocent. They may have started this journey because they were a victim of great injustice, or because they simply felt as if they were called upon to do so. They follow no other law or creed than their own, and may have a criminal status in some kingdoms because of this.

The Opportunist
- someone motivated almost entirely by greed. They do not seek glory, honor, fame, justice, the thrill of battle, or knowledge, only the payoff that comes at the end, and whatever loot they can get their hands on. They are indifferent to the struggles of good and evil, but generally stay on the good side of the law, as it gives them one less thing to worry about.

The Wanderer
- someone with nothing to regain, and no home to return to. They have wandered aimlessly, physically, spiritually, or even both, for years, moving from place to place. They are a person with little aspiration and drive, but have taken on the role of adventurer because they know no other life. Perhaps they will find a home, friends, and even a family among the party, or perhaps they will simply disappear into the fog from whence they came, forgotten.

The Noble
- someone who seeks to regain something they have lost, or to earn their birthright. They have been exiled, either by others, their family, or themselves, and must venture out into the world to prove themselves. The reason for their exile may be anything, from committing a crime, to being ousted by a successor, to simply not yet having done anything worthy of honor. They seek to regain their home, their title, or their family's love.

The Child

The Key

The Shadow
- someone who must protect, follow, find, or look after another. They seek neither glory nor gold, only the well-being of their ward. They may be motivated by love, duty, guilt, or perhaps the choice was not theirs at all, having been forced upon this path by the bonds of servitude, slavery, or penance.

The Centurion
- someone who way of life is a way of blood. Wealth and fame mean nothing to them, they fight because it is the only path they have ever tread. They were once part of something greater, a band of other combatants, but now walk alone. They seek such close companionship again.

The Guide
- someone who is gifted with the insight to see a path, and lead others. They may not know what awaits them at the end, but they know how to get there. The path they walk may not necessarily be a literal one. Both the journey, and the final goal, are important to them.

The Herald
- someone who is on the forefront of great things to come, a manifest destiny. They have an idea, an object, or a way of life, that will change everything, bring about a new era. Or alternatively, they may be the very thing that shall bring about change. They seek to prove themselves to the world.

The Immortal
- someone who is a living part of history, a reflection of the past,

The Sage

The Mask