Hows it going bros? my name is peeeeeewdiepie and this is my first jounal entry. Alot of bros recommended this site so im giving it a shot, but alooooot of ppl dont believe im the real pewdiepie. faaaaaack em right? haters gonna hate, keep checking for new videos on my channel. My first impressions of Gaia is that its full of avatar customization but most of the items are really pricey. There are games to play in order to win gold but its very time consuming. The ppl you meet here are pretty ******** random haha. There are some horny mother ******** and there are bros here but as i mentioned before they dont believe i am me. haha well me and stephano dont need this s**t, im not gonna beg you guys to believe me. Anyways im gonna end it here bros, *brofist*