Seriously. 5 packets of PB M&M's, along with a bunch of Reese's over the past two or three days.

that's okay, though. :]

went to the chiro this morning, for the first time since maybe last November.

Lots has happened since then. Sleeping on solid floors, sleeping for a week without a pillow in Jamaica, and generally in uncomfortable places.

So anyways, my entire spine was Messed Up. The adjustments didn't take more than 2 minutes (he was booking it...), then he hooked me up to an electrotherapy thing, put a cold pack on my neck, and sat while my nerves were supposedly overloaded.

and he told me I need to come in again next week. xD

So I left, and getting back to my room was a haze. IT FELT SOOOO WEIRD. I could feel my body going into shock, simply from the amount of massive differences that had been inflicted on it. I was a light-headed, giddy, tired wreck when I got back to the room. Promptly called mother to let her know I was alive,

and took a nap.

a cold, uncomfortable nap.

i was seriously scared to move, for fear of putting something out again.

and the window was open.

so I had to suffer.


then I got up again, with something akin to a headache, and had lunch.

then a shower, then class. now here.

i've been feeling stuff pop back out of place again.


side note: to the guy I keep seeing EVERYWHERE: QUIT GIVING ME THOSE FUNNY LOOKS.

I seriously can't decide what you're thinking. I'm thinking you're giving me a hate glare for making your mother's life miserable, even though she took my job... O.o

but it's more like a deer-in-the-headlights look. Like, "you again... o.o"

Seriously, just tell me what you're thinking.

from a very irked, yet curious, technically-junior.

ps, congrats on your graduation a week from now. Maybe we'll say more than a few sentences to each other at a time before then.

probs not. But it's a thought. :]


This is my last day of "normal" class until next year. 2014.


starting to pack now. getting things semi-organized, and finding my boxes, etc.

doesn't even feel like summer is coming.

It's flipping 40 degrees, after all.

there was snow on the ground yesterday.

and I'm staying on campus,

so there's really no "FINAL ESCAPE!!" like last year.

should be a good, relaxing summer though. :]

whatever happens, we'll be okay.

this will be the summer for me to re-group. prepare for the future. make changes.

..... I WANT TO CRACK MY BACK SOOOO FREAKING BAD. exercising as much control as humanly possible, because I know I'll end up making it worse than it already is.

got the hair all nice for the concert tonight. ^^

right then. have a paper to finish eventually.

otherwise this weekend holds the piano jury and choir concert, re-arranging the room, and studying.

monday vocal jury and marketing final.
tuesday interpersonal final
wednesday org comm final, room check-out, and work 3-6
thursday psych final, a few errands, work 3-6, and party at 9:30
friday graduation (which i do not have a ticket to attend) at 10, work 12-6
saturday work 7a-12
sunday work 7a-12, & 5:30-7:30
monday-friday after that, work 12-6 each day
friday move in to apartment after work
and saturday hoooome! Plan to be back in time to hit up a grad party and go to a pre-concert thing with Karen. Sunday final OC concert, and that week prep for graduation, with a few fun things thrown in. The following sunday is graduation, and I head back to work on the 30th.

simple month. :]