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Hajime Narata
Kid With the Iron Fists

"When the world takes away your ability to do something..."

"...You don't cry. You grow some balls and demand something in return..."

"...Let me show you how strong my loss has made me."

- - - RP - - -

                          As Hajime lay on the ground after yet another failed attempt to get up, he looked up towards Raza as he left, leaving for his own training, and leaving Hajime to die. He didn't give any advice, no hints...nothing. What did Hajime have to do? Was it all based on his will to survive? " Damn, you!!" Hajime was able to yell a little before Raza left, but that's all he had time to do as he writhed in pain in the grass.

                          As he left, Hajime gave up temporarily, just laying on the ground and wincing in pain. But then he imagined Raza's face and how much he wanted to dent it with his fists. This caused him to get angry and increased his will a little, in a sense. In other words, he was determined to survive this thing if only to break that jounin's cheek bones. His grunts turned into screams of anger as he managed to slightly get to his knees, although the only thing holding him up was ironically the area where the pain was; his arms. His fists were pressed into the ground. One at a time, he lifted his arms up and punched the ground some more. Left, right, left, right. He repeated this until the grass below him was destroyed and all that was left was the dirt underneath. He occasionally fell back to the ground, but always got back up in anger.

                          Just as he was about to collapse again in exhaustion, he heard something in his head. It was Raza's laughter. Was this his imagination? His mind trying to instill even more anger? No, it was too clear, too loud, as if Raza was really there. Perhaps the presence of his soul inside the cursed seal left an apparent effect? As the laughter continued on, Hajime clenched his fists tightly. He began punching the ground again, this time harder than before. The ground below him was beginning to form into a hole. As he punched, the earth compacted and became more difficult to dent, but Hajime kept going as the voice in his head went on. As he punched, he gradually placed lightning into his muscles, going from his upper arms to his shoulders, to his back and chest. As this happened, the genin got stronger and faster. But something was different than all the other times. He felt more dominant than before, as if the cursed seal was strengthening him. In fact, his lightning technique created a manifestation of electricity on the outside of his body, as if the two were synching. Hajime noticed this and just kept going on.

                          The laughter in his head converted to a single phrase, repeated over and over again; sometimes this repetition lapsed over one another. Raza was mocking him with the words 'you're gonna die,' and he seemed happy about it too. Shortly after this started, Hajime sent one more flying towards the ground. After all the strikes to the Earth, Hajime had left a hole about a foot deep.

                          "You wanna mock me?!" Hajime yelled to the skies. Mika would likely be confused, considering she obviously couldn't hear the voice. Nevertheless, this motivated Hajime even more. Forget punching the ground. He stood up and began jogging towards a fairly far away tree. Almost stumbling a few times, but he was able to catch himself. He repeated the same thing he did with his punches, slowly placing lightning into his body, starting with his core and working his way down to his feet, and even his toes. Obviously this increased his speed until he was sprinting as fast he could normally run. No, that wasn't quite right. He was moving even faster.

                          As he dashed towards the tree, coming within a few feet of it, he jumped forward and brought his arm backwards. Putting everything he had into a single strike, Hajime smashed into the tree's trunk with his right fist. He didn't hit the center of it; instead, more closer to the left, outside edge. He managed to punch clean through it, causing about half of the tree's trunk (in the relative area of where he punched) to shatter. The damage to the tree was about six inches in height and width, and caused the tree to collapse. As it started falling towards the ground, Hajime also collapsed in exhaustion, landing on the ground and rolling over to his back due to the momentum. His arms were extended to his sides and he was breathing heavily. His vision blurred a bit as well, but he could clearly see this that this tree was about to fall a portion of his body. But he didn't have the strength to move. The tree crashed onto his left arm; well, the gauntlet. Fortunately, it missed his actual arm completely. The gauntlet, however, was severely dented due to the pressure. This was nothing for him to fix, assuming he survived, that is.

                          His vision began fading as he stared over to his his left arm. Out of instinct, he tried pulling it out from underneath the tree, but nothing. He was so tired, he forgot that he could simply cause the gauntlets to separate from his body. So instead of doing so, Hajime remained trapped underneath the tree. His heart rate began to slow down as he rested, but his vision kept getting worse. He was slowly slipping into unconsciousness. Just before he went completely out, Hajime thought out loud. "Am I really going to die?" He still felt the pain as well, but he was kind of used to it, in a sense. It still hurt like hell, but Hajime didn't have the strength to scream or anything. Even as he slipped into an unconscious state, the pain didn't numb. Not even slightly.

                          But then he woke up. Not to the grass or the trees or the lake around him...but to a house. He was confused and looked around frantically. He rubbed his eyes as if just waking up from a nap, but as this happened, he could see something very strange. He could see his fingers. Not the metallic fingers of his gauntlets that he had grown accustomed to...but his actual fingers. Was this a dream? As he moved his hand away from his, peering down upon it on his left as he stood up, he heard something. A voice. The gentle voice of a familiar woman. His mother. "Good morning, Hajime. Did you sleep well?" Hajime didn't say anything. He stared in awe at the woman. This couldn't be real. A tear fell down his cheek and dripped onto his hand. A smile sprouted on his face.

                          The moment of happiness was suddenly interrupted by an opened door, soon slammed shut by an angered man. He began yelling, but Hajime couldn't hear him. He frantically talked to himself in a soft tone. ", no, no...I killed you..." It was none other than his father. The man was clearly yelling at Hajime's mother. He was close to her face and only getting more angry. The woman looked over to Hajime for a moment, then slapped the man as tears began raining from her eyes. Hajime still couldn't hear anything but his own thoughts as the older man proceeded to throw Hajime's mother aside, into the wall.

                          The man walked over to Hajime and grabbed his upper arm with a firm grip, although Hajime couldn't feel anything. The man's grip shifted down to his wrist, and he suddenly slammed his arm onto the table. He held an axe in the other hand, but it wasn't there just two seconds ago, and it was no where to be seen previously. This was definitely a dream, there was no other explanation. Shortly after slamming Hajime's arm on the table, the man proceeded to position the axe above his own head, them slammed it down towards the table, cutting Hajime's arm off, causing a load of blood to squirt from the dismembered limb. The man did the same thing with the other arm, and took a piece of metal that was sitting in a fire place. He pressed the metal on his arms, or rather, what was left of them...cause the wounds to seal and the blood to stop. Again though, Hajime felt nothing, lost in thought and confusion, repeating the same thing over to himself. "No, no,'re dead..."

                          Hajime was left in a state of paralysis. He watched his father continue to attack his mother, and he couldn't do a thing. "No, not this again. Not again..." Hajime was twelve when he witnessed his mother almost die at the hands of his father. He was Eleven when he lost his arms. And he was much younger the last time he was woken up by his mother and lost in any sort of happy moment. This was just a clump of bad memories.

                          Hajime's body began shaking as the confusion was swept aside by anger. He was gradually gaining the ability to move. "Get your hands..." Hajime's nose scrunched up in anger. He began glaring at the man with pure hatred. Something akin to sand seemed to float through the air, circling around Hajime's body. As his rage increased, something familiar began to form at his arms. His gauntlets; the same he constructed himself to replace the loss of his enact his revenge on his father. When the finally finished, Hajime tried to move, but could only barely do so. He imagined his mother laying in a blood of pool. Such a thing never happened, but it was a possibility. "Get your filthy, damn hands off of my mother!!" Hajime erupted in a fury as he burst towards the man, now free of his paralysis. The man turned to face Hajime, only to have his neck swarmed by the metallic hands now at Hajime's disposal. The genin slammed the man to the wall, leaving a branch of cracks outlining his head. Hajime brought his arm back and punched the old man in his forehead, sending it through the wall. Hajime wasn't done though, bringing the man back through with the hand grasping his neck. He let go though, proceeding to punch him in the cheeks multiple times with each fist. This went on for at least twenty seconds, leaving the man in a blood mess, his body motionless, his face unrecognizable.

                          From behind though, arms wrapped around Hajime's upper torso and around his arms. His mother hugged him and begged him to stop. Hajime thought for a moment, then eased up in tension, then turned around to face his mother, wrapping his own arms around the woman. She spoke three, simple words. "I love you..." Tears ran down Hajime's cheek as he closed his eyes, squeezing the woman tightly. As he was lost in happiness, his arms suddenly collapsed inwards, as if the woman disappeared. Hajime quickly opened his eyes, only to see his mother gone. The house around him began to transform. The walls and the ceiling and the floor began changing colors. The floor converted to the green of the grass. The walls the brown of trees. The ceiling the blues and whites of the sky. Hajime slowly began feeling texture around his body. He closed his eyes for a good five seconds, taking in everything that just happened.

                          As he opened them, he seen the branches of trees, the greens of the leaves, the clouds in the sky. He spoke softly to himself. "You're not taking my life...not now..." Hajime didn't look angry at all, or in pain, or anything like that. But his body began shaking uncontrollably. Not like a seizure, more like light vibrations. In a burst of anger emitted form his mouth, Hajime's body erupted in a flash of light and chakra. The area around him exploded in a mass of wind that caused the trees within ten feet of him to tear out of the ground. As the light cleared, Mika may have looked over at Hajime to see a different person, at least in appearance. It wasn't all that drastic, but he now had markings all over half of his body, and his left eye changed in color to red. The real change were with his arms. They looked more...shiny. It was like something from a different planet (Picture). After a long, loud yell, Hajime slammed his right fist into the ground, creating a hole that was about five feet in depth, causing dust and to litter the area, making it impossible to see. When it all cleared, Hajime would be laying down in the hole, passed out. In total time, Hajime it took Hajime at least two hours: about half an hour of trying to get up, an hour punching the ground and whatnot...and another half an hour in an unconscious state, but Hajime did it...or at least it seemed like it. Maybe he was now dead though?

                        - - - OOC - - -

                        Well, that was longer than I expected it to be...

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