im a little scared. there is this guy who has been my friend for about two years now. he has liked me for about one of those two years. and now.... well, now im starting to like him back. which of course, is no good because im in love with his best guy friend and my all together best friend for the past four years. the guy im in love with is in love with my closest girl friend Brittany. he liked me before he liked her, but assumed i didnt like him since i pretended i didnt. i only pretended i didnt like him because i thought he wouldnt want to be friends with me after i told him. well about two months ago, i finally told him and he said it wouldnt affect our friendship. which basically put, i have been friend-zoned. so my best bets are with the guy who has liked me for the past year, but i am in love with this other guy so much more.