Spiders crawling upon my limbs
Spin florescent webs of lies
That coat the fiber of my skin
Amidst frustrated cries.

The scratching of their tango,
As they construct their lines divine,
Creates a hidden mess of cobweb coats,
While on the Garden’s olden time.

The curling of my toes reject
Their fangs so sharp and fatal.
It is never impossible to detect,
Such a tragic tangle.

They crawl upon my lips, my brow,
And cloak my calm and placid face,
With bristles hidden as unworthy vows,
They grow to fornicate.

Upon my legs and arms they breed,
As maggots in a boney skull.
Their kind never seems to recede,
No matter how hard I pull.

And entering my secret cave,
They devour my integrity,
And rape me like a bleeding slave,
Amidst their curls of secrecy.

And over my skin lays such disgust,
A matted mess that I cannot bear,
The plague that is filled with lust,
is really just strands of my hair.

*Commissioned by TheChad765