Recently i just heard about getting a new homeland. So, i decided to survey the place. It was pretty cool, gotta admit. Something that don't wanna miss. There were 4 places we can explore; Barton, Aekea, Gambino, and Durem. Whether to creat your own neighborhood for your friend to live on or by your friend's instead, which i have learnt that the place you want to make the house must have "House for rent" mark on your friend's neighborhood. I have created my own which i believe the address is "Durem Depot 2552(401).

Yet i don't know how should i feel knowing that i have a new home. Honestly, i felt excited because getting something new, but at the same time, i felt sad and missed because i have separated from my old town and great neighbors. Sadly i don't remember the address. Whoever read this that used to be my neighbor, guess this was a sudden farewell.

-3 April 2013-