"True" Christians only do that, not the other ones... Or was it the other way around? I'm not sure; they all use the same argument against each other. You know, it's the behind-the-scenes arguments you can't really attest to viewing on the interbutts; it's included with the brochure when you order a Gold Membership off of eBay.

That said, if in fact we can attribute religion to being the cause of anything, as ridiculous as it sounds, how many deaths can you attribute to Scientology? Sure it may be ridiculous in its own context, but at least it doesn't have that massive history of morons like Hitler. Can there be a new religion which focuses around the concepts of understanding the methods used within your own arguments? We could create some holidays to celebrate and generate a community.

Of course, if we could base it off of religion, surely we could claim to be a religion (or atheism) that we're not associated with at the beginning or ending of a killing spree that would have a media to broadcast it over, which would in theory make everyone view the religion you're claiming to be to paint a bad reputation on that religion. I could just as easily write some Christian memoir, kill someone, toss a Bible on them, and then the world could correlate Christianity as a cause. Then, after it's reported, everyone could read the comments that say, "A 'true' Christian would never do this!" or whatever such nonsense. Of course, that's how my brain works, because it's fun.

As such, if I were to be less serious about my claim that I'm a Christian-Buddhist Explosionist of Sect #27 of the Galactic Code, you could only attribute this religion to myself, and you'll only be able to tell the violent history of this religion based on my actions and no one else, because who cares? I'll die with that claim, and maybe you could write an article about it.

As for the correlation involved with the wars of today, it becomes that my reasoning is best left on that of the 4th side of the war. Here you have me, a person that could not care about what religious people get shot, and here, just like within Hitler's war, it becomes a fact that I'm not going to defend either Hitler or the Jews that were killed. What we have here is a multi-sided war, one in which the defense of practically none of the sides are worth defending.

Here's how that goes:
All religions have a vendetta against atheists or otherwise.
Hitler invokes a Christian vs. Jew war.
If Hitler didn't kill me, the Jews would.
What we basically have now is a Christian vs. "That religion over there" war.
They already want me to burn in hell for being gay over here, and I'm not positive I want to be over there.
Should I care about them killing them off? Not really; numerous ones over there are like the Westboro Baptist Church in that they feel America is a "Gay Promoting" country and the soldiers should be killed for defending this place. Or are they? Who knows; I'm not here to promote America's Christian Imperialism.

Gee, choices, choices, choices. Should I defend either place right now? I'm not going to; ******** 'em. Of course, now you have a nice question to ask yourself; why is it, like in the event of everyone asking the questions of the killers and giving them more air time, could we not ask the religions of the people targeted? Did the aptly titled "Boston Bomber" (whoever gets paid to think of these alliterations...) blow off the legs of a Christian or an atheist, and why should I defend them? There are always victims of a war, and I'm not sure I could attest to feeling bad for these people. That said, there's a reason I don't, how do you say, "sensationalize" these events; I don't "pray" for the victims of Sandy Hook, I don't "pray" for the victims of the Boston Bombing, because I don't care.