(This is Info on Sports and Entertainment in the world im making for the Final Fantasy Crystal Collectors Rp im making Read it if you like or don't just please don't flame)

The 5 Kingdoms have many Sports and Entertainments for the people of the Kingdoms to enjoy and participate in

Blitzball is a very popular sport that has been around sense before the 4 Elemental Crystals shattered the game is played inside a gient Sphere called a Sphere Dome which is made up of a curving colum and a invisable barrier which players can come and go through the Sphere Dome is filled to the top with water but this isn't just any ordinary water its a special water called Blitz Water it allows the players to breath while in it it also has reduced resistence so a person can shoot the ball and move almost as if they were in the air almost there is still some water resistence which effects passing, shooting, and catching also a person MUST know how to swim to play The Sphere Dome has a Sphere generated playing field right in the center of the Sphere Dome as well as two floating Sphere Goals which float halfway between the top of the Sphere Dome and the Middle and on either the left hand or right hand side theres a Floating Sphere Score Board these Sphere Playing Gear only appear when the Sphere Dome is filled with Blitz Water the aim of the game is simply to score goals agenst your Opponent and have the most Goals by the time the time runs out its a Sport that is loved by people of all ages who enjoy watching and participating in it (More info about Blitzball will be in a later entry)

ChocoSports are Sports which involve Chocobos there are 4 different ChocoSports which are Chocobo Racing, Chocododge, Chocobo Obstical, and Chocobo Adventure ChocoSports require you bring your own Chocobo there are Chocobo stables which Raise Chocobo specifically for ChocoSports and rent them out but its usually better to bring your own if you have one
Chocobo Racing: Chocobo Racing is where anywhere from 2-5 people get on their Chocobos and race along a track there is two types of Chocobo Races Round-a-bout and Obstical Track Round-a-bout is where the Racers go around a short track which isn't always round a certain number of laps then on the last lap the first person to cross the finishline is the winner Obstical Track is where the track is a much longer and often has obsticals to slow the racers down only one lap is made so the first one to cross the finishline is the winner the racers win prizes based on their Placing in the race and their Tier there is 5 Tiers after a person wins a certain number of races their Tier goes up and they can win better prizes people are allowed to bet on offical races at offical betting booths which are located at ChocoSport Stadiums though personal races often has betting too Chocobo Racing is a test of a Chocobos Speed and Endurence
Chocododge: Chocododge is where a single Chocobo and rider runs in a straight line to a finish line while people or in ChocoSport Stadiums machina throws/shoots things like Blitzballs and releases tame Bird Monsters at the Chocobo in a straight line across the Chocobo's path to try and hit the Chocobo to slow it down the goal is to get to the finishline as quickly as possible prizes are awarded based on what time the runner places and after making it in before a certain time the chocobo's Rank goes up bring in better prizes there is 5 Ranks Chocododge is a test of a Chocobo's Speed and Agility
Chocobo Obstical: Chocobo Obstical is where the Chocobo and its rider go through a Obstical Course Track the Chocobo will encounter Traps and Trained Monsters to dodge away from or attack if a Chocobo hits a Trap or is hit by a Monster then they lose points and are slowed down and in the harder tracks may be inflicted with a status condition like Poison or Confusion Dodging Traps by jumping over them or just going around them saves time but there are benifical Traps too which add points and such and attacking and defeating monsters with a few good Chocokicks will win points but takes time and the Chocobo might get hit which would lose them points so the rider has to choose carefully when the Chocobo crosses the Finishline the amount of time it took to reach the finish line is subtracted agenst the base time for that Track and the persons Tier the difference in seconds is counted up with one second adding up to one point then the penalties for Traps and Monsters is subtracted from the points which can range from 1-10 peoples depending on the Trap they hit or the Monster that hit them the remaining starter points which differs per Tier is added on as well as any points gained from Defeating Monsters which can range from 1-10 depending on the Monster that was Defeated The Total Points once everything is added and subtracted is the Runners Track Score the person is then awarded a prize based on their Track Score and their Tier after a person has run each Track a certain number of times their Tier will go up which means the number of Starter Points receved will go down as well as the Starter Times on all Tracks but the prizes get better with each Tier and people with good Track Scores and people who break Records tend to become well known All Obstical Course Tracks have a series of Sphere Cameras along the Track at varying Angles so that spectators can watch the action which is useful durring tournaments Every Kingdom has its own Tracks which reflects the Kingdom, its Monsters, and its enviroment
Chocobo Adventure: Chocobo Adventure is alot like Chocobo Obstical except instead of running a Track and trying to get to the Finish Line before a certain time the rider and Chocobo enter a large one floored Dungeon the Goal is to find and collect a certain number of treasures in a certain amount of time while avoiding Trained Monsters and Traps there are many chests which are scattered throughout the Dungeon many of them are empty and hold nothing while some contain Traps or Monsters so finding the Treasures can be difficult there is also usually a hidden Treasure which will bring in bonus points but is difficult to get to the Location of the Chests changes Magically because each chest sits on a invisable Glyph and these Glyphs are scattered on every square of the Dungeon so a chest can literally show up anywhere in the Dungeon what Treasures appear in each dungeon depend on the Dungeon and a Glyph Chest that teleports the Treasures into random Chests in their respective Dungeon each Treasure is worth a certain amount of points and not all the Treasures are used in each game it depends on your Tier the Goal of this is to find all the Treasures before a certain amount of time has passed also the only one who can open the chests and pick up the Treasures is the Chocobo the rider carries a bag that is for holding the Treasures but the Treasures must be picked up and handed to the Rider by the Chocobo the rider is not allowed to get off the Chocobo only if they are knocked off and the Treasures spill on the ground can a Rider touch Treasures that are on the ground when the Chocobo and Rider has all the Treasures for that Dungeon the Time is stopped and the Chocobo must find their way back when they do the time it took them is subtracted from the Base Time like in Chocobo Obstical and is counted up one second equals one point being attacked by Monsters and Attacking them adds no points nor are points lost for hitting Traps the amount of points each Treasure is worth is added up then that is added to the Time Points the Time and Treasure Points that are added up make up the Dungeon Score which is the Runners Score for that game Prizes are awarded based on Dungeon Score, the Dungeon, and Tier your Tier will go up after you have defeat all Dungeons at least once Chocobo Adventure Dungeons are always underground and are stacked ontop of each other with the easiest being on top and the hardest being on the bottom there is a series of ramps going down to each Dungeon also each Dungeon has Sphere Cameras everywhere at all Angles so that spectators can watch and cheer on the current person (More Info on each of the Chocosports at a later time)

Sphere Break
Sphere Break is a popular game which requires a Core Sphere, Coins, and basic Math Skills (More Info Comming Later)

Monster Games Inc (Likely will change name later)
Is a group which has Trained Monsters and uses them to play various games that people can play (More Info Comming soon)