It's certainly been awhile since I posted in here. Things are going well. Michael turned one at the beginning of last month and Zoe turns seven in mid June. My job is going much better. I've been given more responsibility. Apparently m y manager realized she had quite an untapped resource at her disposal. Now I am in charge of all the patient charts, mail, making appointments for patients and sending/receiving med records. I am also becoming the preceptor for the clinic and will be teaching my evil ways to every new person that prances through our doors. Mwah ha ha and all that. Of course, this is in addition to being a ccht, doing daily patient care and other tech duties. I enjoy having something to do. I enjoy being good at what I do.

My children are doing wonderful. Michael waited until he was a year old before he started walking. We knew he had the ability, he just refused to let go and walk. Then, one weekend right after his birthday, he just decided he was going to walk everywhere. And he has continued to do so since then. He now has 8 teeth, he can babble and wave byebye and clap and he dances a very cute dance. We can see him learning new things every day. He is a very bright and inquisitive child. He is also very sneaky and loves to get into things.

Zoe has struggled a bit with her behavior at school this year. The teacher even recognizes how smart she is. The girl just can't keep her mouth shut to save her life. She hasn't been getting her work done because she's too busy flapping her trap! We are working on two weeks of smiley face reports, though, so maybe we have it figured out. She just seems to go through phases. She'll do really good for awhile and then she'll do really bad for awhile. It can be very frustrating. She's growing up bright and beautiful, though.

I love both my kiddos dearly. If anyone reading this were ever to wonder, I live for my children. I love them with every fiber of my being. smile

We ran into a bit of jam earlier this year. We had fallen behind on the house payment and they had threatened foreclosure. We were able to dig our way out of trouble, but it was hard. On the bright side, I think it's given us more of a sense of ownership. This is our house. Ours. It will never be the nicest house, but it's the one we got. We've started taking more pride in the place.

I'm going back to school in the fall. I really don't want to. I don't like school. But I need to get my nursing degree. I will be making twice what I'm making now if I get the damned thing, and that's just to begin with. I'll just have to buckle down and get it done. >.<

I've been feeling absolutely wonderful lately. I broke down and got on the happy pill. I hate that, but I feel better and I'm not making everyone around me miserable. I've also lost 20 pounds! I stopped drinking/eating anything with aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. I avoid high fructose corn syrup and MSG and soy products as much as possible. It thought that giving up my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction would be tough. I had one day of headaches and I've felt better ever since. I drink water and tea now. I cannot stress how very wonderful I have felt. I am eating less and I have more energy. I'm happy to be me, for once.

That's about all that's happening on this front. Nothing to exciting. Nothing detrimental. All is swell and going along swimmingly.

For those of you that enjoy illustrations in your literature, here are me and my kids.

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