It feels so odd rewriting Burning Wills. The original story began four or five years ago. The names have been changed and the scenario is starting out differently, but, all in all, it's the same, just with more back-story and the characters are more of my own creation. Burning Wills used to consist purely of friends, I was always in it, so was Fub, Becca, Iruna, Kikyo, Baltro, Zero, Amer, Yumi, and all the rest. So when I remade the characters for the new Burning Wills, it was hard and almost painful. It felt like I was erasing old friends and replacing them with fictional ones that inhabit my mind and paper. It does something strange to you, creating fiction from the ashes of reality. These new characters could barely pass as shadows of their former inspirations. I'm thinking of adding in friends again, but perhaps as side characters. Just one-time people that happen to run into the main characters and chat for a bit, perhaps even participate in a quest or two. They'd basically be fillers of sorts, but it would keep them alive. It would revive memories, but is that the right thing to do? Most of my older friendships have eroded, they're gone now. They're only faint footprints in the sand, something to show what had once tread upon it. Would resurrecting old friends through the magic of pen and paper be right? Or should I let them fade and die out, once and for all. Is there room in my fantasy world for a few dead memories?