Lemak awoke groggy and sore. Not entirely different from most days, but when she opened her eyes everything was new. She is in a domed room full of light from the roof. It looked to be an ancient ruin restored to it's former purpose. As if it too, once was home to royals. Fitting. Lemak remembers being kidnapped by Tex but then everything was calm and collected. Which in her mind was a bad sign. That meant she was again in the hands of someone very dangerous. A figure comes through the door unlatching several locks from the outside.
"Princess," the dark, sultry voice beckons.
"I know what you are and I will not trust this false sense of security. If you wish to sell me, do it. If not, get on with it and drop the pleasantries," Lemak shoots at the green haired vixen.
The Manip is shocked by Lemak's words. She clears her throat out of habit, "I know you have no reason to trust me, but I am not using any illusions against you. The fact that you feel safe is all on your own. I am Davedi, daughter of my mother, 'Falma' (see below), you are Lemak, daughter of Sayject the King and Mara the queen of Irathium. I could sense your despair and rescued you from the Serpentine." Every cool word is carefully chosen and articulated. Lemak looks into her deep red eyes, they seem forth right and telling nothing but truth.
"Say I trust you, which I don't, why am I here locked up? Why not release me?"
The Manip, Davedi looked at the Irath with scrupulous eyes, "Have you seen yourself lately? You don't look to have eaten much in weeks, you are dehydrated, and you are in serious need of bathing." She emphasizes on the bathing part, "Plus, you're very small. You must be close to your change, no?"
Lemak's face drops as it all sets in. She must have looked incredibly weak to this woman. "I am to change within the next year, though I had thought I would be farther along by now. I do hope I take after my father." Lemak added embarrassed by her small stature. The Manip was almost a whole foot taller than her.
"Do you remember your home world, Princess Lemak?" Davedi asked earnestly.
Lemak stares at the woman as she is shocked by her words. It isn't the words so much as the emotion behind them. Lemak had never witnessed a Manip aside from the battles over the years. In her mind they weren't emotional creatures, but looking into Davedi's liquid red eyes defies that thought.
"I remember being in the castle, then in my mothers arms. We were running from something, I can't see my father anywhere and all I hear is very loud wind. I feel my mother being ripped away and then I wake here. That was the only memory I have from my home. It has been my only solace for fifteen years," Lemak sheds a single tear at the visit down memory lane. The Manip also seems moved by the admission.
"I was born here, you are lucky to have your own lineage. My people were the slaves of the Blue Kingdom for many years, then brought here once we knew we could fight back. I have not seen a Blue yet on this planet, though I rue the day." She smiles maniacally with wild red eyes.
She reigns it back in, "Princess, please let me and my sisters protect you until the hormones level out. We wouldn't mind kicking some male a** for a change. The only action we get is hunting for meals."
Lemak stares at the woman as if she were insane, Davedi knows she is, but somehow trusts her words as she feels her mind is unclouded. What to do?

(Falma is the giver of life in the Blue Kingdom. She is often referred to as a persons mother when said person has no other parentage to speak of. In the early teachings, Falma was said to have out stretched her long fingers into the universe spreading life everywhere she touched. Though because different fingers touched different worlds, the races were diverse and competitive. In the Blue Kingdom, the teachings say she touched them first in her image. Each race calls her by a different name, though the story doesn't vary much. You can pay homage to her by lighting a white light and offering secrets and indiscretions to her ears.)