So, this morning, I spent a quarter hour trying to drag myself out of bed. Usually, I sleep at 9:30 PM EST, but lately I've been sleeping at midnight, if not past. Why is that? Well, it's all because of timezones. I'll get to that in a little bit.

I've been playing Vindictus a lot, after a year and a half of not playing it. They gave out a "welcome back" package that included some really good stuff that I can have for a solid 30 days. I left my character at level 21 or 22, and the package gave me EXP boost, gold boost, a complete set of Level 50 armor, and level 50 weapons. It was a very nice deal. Though, due to my absence, most of my friends were gone. I could see that their levels progressed higher even though we started at the same time. I felt like that story of a boy who traveled through time only to find out he progressed to far into the future that he knew no one, and he grew extremely lonely with no way home.

Games, check. Girls? Man, do I have a story to tell. So, I was wandering around just surfing the Internet and playing Vindictus when my skype yells, "DEMACIA" into my headphones, and I check to see who it is. Oh, hey. It's this really pretty girl that plays League of Legends! What does she want? I felt so objective when I thought that. Maybe she just wanted to talk. So we did, and it was very fun. I normally didn't talk to her because of different timezones, but she was actually very very very fun to be around. It was nice. So. We talked. We had fun, and then came the question. I normally ask out girls I like, but I felt that after so much - SO MUCH - rejections, I'd just stop trying, she asks, "Be mine?"

Cute girl, plays League of Legends, extremely fun to be with. Hell. She's my dream girl! I'd be a goddamn moron to turn her down. So I didn't. We started going out. I always had the belief about something in life. You see, life doesn't suddenly give you what you were always looking for if it doesn't plan on taking something/someone away. Life doesn't let you be so happy if the weren't going to give you sadness. It was just like that, so I was worried. I watched every word I said, everything I showed her. I kept it very controlled. I was being myself, but I'm not going like a wild turtle. I like to call it self-discipline. There's only a very, very thin thread that connects myself to my dream girl and the slightest screw up I do can very well cut it permanently.

We're still going strong, and hopefully for more days, weeks, months, maybe even years to come. I don't know. I don't control the relationship. I like to have her input on everything that concerns us two.

Girl, check. Anime Club. Well, I am the co-founder of my high school's anime club. My friend and I are kinda reminded of the arc in Clannad when Nagisa tries to revive the Drama Club. Except, he was the Nagisa, I was the Tomoya. And we're both guys. No romantic stuff happened, in case you were curious. This year, we have 13 members. Out of the 13, 1 is a girl. So there was a major unbalance going on. But wait, there's more! Out of the 13, 9 are seniors. I'm one of them. So next year, the Anime Club will be left with 4 members. Tonight, I went to step-up night where the 8th graders in our school district went to the high school and got a preview of the clubs/sports that the school had to offer. Of course, my friend and I, as well as our super cool advisor (He plays League of Legends too) and a couple other friends manned the Anime Club booth.

We expected three people to sign up. When the 8th graders came, there was literally a barrier that prevented people from seeing the anime club booth, and the barrier of people were not interested in our club at all. So, I took our mini buckets of starburst and walked to the center of the cafeteria, walking like I own the place with my Hatsune Miku shirt. I could tell that the majority of the 8th Graders (8G from now on) were the sports kind of people. No way in hell these kids are gonna like Anime. Of course, with a binder of high quality (I sh*t you not, these drawings were godly and a freshman in the club drew all 32 of them), mini buckets of starburst, and a Hatsune Miku shirt, I became the beacon of extracurricular hope for the shy 8Gs. I could see a whole bunch of them just huddled away, keeping close to friends or parents. They saw me in the middle of the cafeteria and I drew them in like moth to a lamp. I led them back, and I personally didn't count how many 8Gs were there because I was busy explaining to the parents exactly what we do in anime club.

I was surprised to see we had triple the expected amount of 8Gs to sign up. Most of them were girls, so the sex balance might be upset. No worries though, I got enough people to ensure the Anime Club will live at least the year after I graduate.

So, that was my recent events. Thought it'd be easier to put them in Gaia's Journal feature instead of making a whole weblog for stuff almost no one cares about anyways.