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Book Of Samuel VI ( Rated PDA : Parental Digression Advised)
A book of what is a perception contains that of relevance. Yet confusing is the truth and mostly accepted that of younger generations without that of elder to be lie or anything they just want to accept or not.
Defending Existence: Our God
Mors Morza
To speak with you on the myriad matters of life and existence has been worthwhile; I would enjoy a further conversation with you in a different place where previous statements are not drowned out by background figures.

None of what I said was intended to provoke irritation from you; if it did, my apologies. You are a person which I would call on again for discussion. Would you be willing to do such a thing, at a later time?


Mors Morza,

Thank you for the regards Morza.
In some cases or such mentioned in the public, there is to say a discussion more.

And so, I am not angry. But I had suffered. Know that in the steps one seeks though the matters pertain to life and death. It is a serious matter. I do not mean this offensively nor am I angry.

But I must digress to know that even thought had to come from somewhere before it is manifested. Morza, you gave me a challenge; so if you were a demon that was an ancient struggle and such my mind has seen great a mind of aspects as a man one should not know, though each has surpassed a limit of its bounds.

I had been there, good and wicked.
I had been convicted and confessed my life.
My wrongs, who I am, nothing is personal now.
To a degree if I cannot recall anything or know not.

Yet I am not Jesus or God's son sacrificed.
I am not an incarnation of Beast or Christ.
Yet I acknowledge something people do not.

The world is given the freedom to live.
That distinction they must choose.
Before much comes to my time.

An awakening of what or who God is truly.
They disprove this as one observes.
Even his own do not understand this child.

I had been rich and poor and have nothing.
But that Lord guides a focus clear.
Knowing possession of money or wealth is less than acknowledgement.

What is in the deepest part of my mind Morza, though I do not know every subject? I can understand with the deepest of truth based upon what one has been, seen, or is proven, or written first; as though even the demons to that of godly which such lives in each deny if so a man or those asleep.

I relax in this thought, that though society digs itself to a deeper hole, there are those who do not choose the lies over the truth or rather the lies contradict not. For without some truth, and entire lies, there be not anything done or possible a balance. I do not serve the devil. I am not God and think no robbery.

I was persecuted mentally that of Christ. I defended a name that was not my own but yet I stuck up for that name to defend it to the end when I twisted in heart. Existence one could not exist among thought if there was no manifest to that of reality.

I will say this, the Devil knew the Bible. One does know not as do I everything; meaning I do not even know. But rest assured as a world becomes more wicked, there will be life worse than death though both had lived and not seen a death or they suffer a second death.

If so one be persecuted and has regained godly eyes, the world has awoken mind of origins which determined that from the past to present. Know this... God so lives in the heart and soul of the mind or fragments which I sought though some of personality wicked.

I say this not to doubt what one believes on a matter of perception. Though knowing this not all perception or thought is true to what should be done.
You had shown me that of Anonymous, and that also worst than they a devil's stance. Know I cannot fear until an actual demon came to me of my eyes.

So if one is of such origin, there shall be a worst punishment of you or a suffering to me that not being so a demon but a man or creation that serves or rather respects the Lord a God of holiness to that of judgment which is accountable.

To wake up the past is a great sin if it is universal a chain. But who among us had the Lord's heart to that of a mind. I look as the Devil could not touch life of the fruit but regarding this knowledge is given to man where they may use and hopefully make the choice right, and hopefully had not they done so wrong.

Knowledge was destroyed and found again. Life I knew with knowledge though I be young a child and no deity. That is high a risk Morza. But though I once denied truth... it found me and so it became rescued that faith persecuted which for meanings in some distinction of true belief was acknowledged above that of even my own, to where others find contradiction in all or some truths.

Like that written down which even much is denied... there are things of my own heart which I deny. Yet, I never once denied Life existed before matter. The Lord made life and concept of death and angels first, compared to that of men. It goes way back to something that only a deity or so an idol, to that of one true would even realize, or that false which acknowledges but does not go with life.

What is the God of a deity Morza? If so what if for the fact I am not deist or that which believes in more than one God? I acknowledged one that made life, soul, thought, and matter, and that energy man tries to control that they cannot as they also screw around with the universe and that of time.

On as of I worships in thoughts of prayer, not toward an idol or that of statue or possession. Though each relic with meaning is an aspect of what is believed onto that commonality or distinction of belief in association.

It is a serious issue Morza that the death of spirit is worst, though I be a shell which has given my heart to much that had kept alive much with the blessing of what kept me on this world, a spirit or personality.

Though I still have this heart though it be wicked, it referring to much change within or out, has given me the eyes beyond even my own understanding. Why I do not die is because though I may be right, my Lord gave me its will to live if not much more grace and mercy. I had been spared by not my own will alone. And people shall surpass not the knowledge but realize much of what we know is unattainable to the point of searching.

Some day truth be known as they each prove falseness or assumption to that of history true. Had they not hidden if of our eyes the common public, we as such would be better but accelerate at a fast pace to that of a torture or such become as political or such of all-knowing. This falseness is the fact we cannot know everything and expect to be stable.

I cannot say much Morza. Who is the man forgiven, beloved, but could not forgive himself Morza until time passed on. What was it about nature which I defied, as others call me a preacher and I be young for an elder? There is purpose for this man which even I cannot see yet the world and rather that spirit gives me a chance to be open to the truth. No lie in the ways besides hesitation and perception now.

Indeed you gave me a challenge to thought. Surely this was not worst than what Christ had to endure. No, he proved life through principle that even I live today. I will say the respects that were taught to me by others, they do not live but they acknowledge it some true, that of some elders of the opposite sides of the world.

First to the Jew, then that of the Greek. Or that of a Jew to a Gentile.
Does it matter who a man is if they deny origin or that truth or accept lies, rather to deny the self?

And so, I question myself a liar who became an honest man through condition with much conviction not realized at a time of prayer. More innocent was the man who knew not the condition over that of his reality or mind suffering.

I rest my case that life exist as many are given a choice to choose. I will not be the one to call down the heaven's rain though I was desperate one time and the mods got angry and proved a point by striking others. That I will not call down or above.
Like I said before, unless I eat my words, so these words continue and let them not be my own but of highest degree to what I found my faith in.

This is no religion.
It is no practice.
It is a belief.
It is persecuted of many.
It rest in the heart or people.
That life has each a mind.
Ignorance a shadow told me is a choice.
And that I agree to deny which is ignorant of its acts.

One temptation each man will undergo, is that trial of what is in adjustment or cultural views of nature. They each fight or commit but rather they prefer much and do not know what was true to the distinction of much. And that will be more of a challenge as others provoke the man or the lady.

What is to say that core is of life and making a choice to grow or decline one's responsibility. Though I will not say I am perfect, I had been satisfied to a point of loneliness. A man knows his heart.

He lives by a choice not of his own, yet he is shielded with much love.
And that which the elders taught or some do not act like they know it...
It is of that manner in which one naturally lived, loved, hated, and loved again.

For such a right cause, even that of or before a desire; not for gain but who one is.
Where God or a person persecuted went... of ancient times, one cannot go.

I am not Christ reincarnated. I deny to be Christ, yet I live those truths which are true to all manner dis-acknowledged by the common man or that of a rich liberal to politician, including those who are wealthy pretending to be poor though I cannot say about life on the street for those who are unfortunate; though I heard and seen.

Each church shall see its manner as though the faith be tested or portions broken or fixed of each one higher than an education. While others leave for entertainment and disguise themselves hypocrites. To that faith of the Church universal, I say this... I speak of those who said F-The-System and those who also said it to make a claim that there is no such truth above faith of this or others a common man.

If such one found them desire or any a love, they must have motivation or such a reason for such, regardless of desire, also a cause to discern.

You have read these words.
Now I ask you...
Test this man...
Tempt him not without appropriate reason...
But abuse not his mind...

Or awaken that it sleeps...
If so they knew this man...
A child, he is an elder of his age...

He is still young and growing to want to know...
Curiosity his weakness but greater a strength.
Nothing but natural this man has fear.

One day... they shall know everything.
They shall fail to work and each a system cannot fix...
Society will see the system no satisfaction...

Entertainment to ones boredom they shall live...
Those of my time were also among them...
Truth turned to lie and that of growth to instability.

Reserve the world to its earth to let it heal.
The elders will pass away or accept lie people as truth is lost.
Or rather indeed it is lived but denied of others who war without.

To prevent this from happening...
Those who sought truth or knew them...
More than I or as equal to what is right compared to wrong.

We each have a choice not to deny one as though one did not suffer.
Those words spoken to me also to look in a mirror and see.
What of ones words mightier is a double-edge-flame.

That sword is no weapon.
By that a book or truths passed; sharper than sword.
But it is greater a guide.

To use and abuse it, that book.
Such many have done or read not.
Though I still must understand more.

If so they read, they would be different.
There are those with heart still, that can know life.
Minimal I see of respect ethical in its choice to that dominion over a body.

So this may enrage others as some see this and test a man.
Know I am one man who sees this of his people and others.
I regret to understand why such I know is sadness to me.

Greater it is to know this pain that I lived and still live.
I would not run to much unless I stumble or am needing a reason.
This man has nothing but to understand the will greater than myself.

Nature of this man he fights.
As so be to understand we all do.
Understand clearly they as I are equal.

We have no excuse to not know.
If so we can look it up.
Or it of many languages.

What was lost in translation...
Is also of greatest mind...
In act of translation as what is perceived.

And so live the life of words.
Above my own thought and with others...

Those words guard though I cannot live each.
I suffer that of a life regardless even as one sees.
He will never know what it is like totally as human.

Or he denies not what he is for what others compare.
I shall say to this... Worthy am I to be a Saint.
But I will not acknowledge that for my gain.

I say that in defense of what is right.
And so, may others challenge this.
My words which are also of not my own.

Understand the life.
Know the knowledge.
Such is not for me to define all of each.

They each shall have their part.
Each thought is of its action or cause.
I understand limitless beyond my action.

Undefined cannot be defined.
Now it is so not that statement true.
What is an equation or much of life.

0 is a digit... what is that component of 0?
If so it is undefined and known...
Such is defined.

That life is 1.
As what made 0?
That equation to define emptiness...

Hold it the place of 1.
For 0 = 1 place holder.
There was then no number a piece of nothing.

If so then say this that life or a source was nothing.
And then so it spoke something and was then one.
I do not deny life created thought.

I will deny these.
Atheism, Bestiality, Creationist, Dogma, Evolutionist, Fanatical, Guilt, Hellinestic, Idolatry, Judgment to Justice, Masonic, Political, Religious Systematic, Theo-logic,

The list goes on though each aspect may be different but relate.
What is true to the man and rather life more pure than I.
I will not deny the fact that life is above all things which one is of all which made all.

I will not deny God.
Though denied I my own to faith.
I will not deny that which had existed though I be blind.

My eye can see.
Over that of thought.
Yet, what is of me that is not to determine.

Who is God?
A devil?
A holy?
A man?

Such distinction made me not to hate one or the other.
But such it be that no wickedness be it its sight.
That God will handle my heart if not man convict me to the end.

Or such I be disprove or fall.
If so I raise to understand...
Perhaps knowledge be ones fall which also be my act.

If they can prove me wrong in what is said.
I deny my own thought or others by choice to commit.
But I acknowledge that of higher than what we all can see.

What is relation to me?
They ask am I pure or sexual?
I say to them this... Every mind had its distinction.

That nature I had fought
They the ignorant tempt a man and so worse a sufferer.
To know some day he may fall.

I see my flaw.
I know what I do.
See to it, one is not alone.

Of that which one fought for...
I defended in mind this...
What I thought which others not, was right.

Though invalid the act.
Pure was this reason.
To even tell the younger to also of my ages.

God lives.
I be not that.
But a defender.

God above which also knew...
Life nor death is perfect to a man.
Know life saw reason to make us live.

And so good and wicked...
There is a balance.
No evil of such wrong.

But in the end.
Is those words as earth, life, and heaven with hell pass.
Truth and not lie, but manifest from its source...

Life or so a source of what made existence.
That is God and that above a devil.
As such as I also man to know my bounds.

If not I knew my bounds.
I knew not the life or so thought.
Like man likes to clarify and know everything.

They do not.
As do I so not.
But I rest knowing.

God's foolishness is above that wise.
As so taught to me, by those teachers.
And that also of a book or word if so not many.

(This is a letter given to Morza = The Death Prince or demon.)

(I to acknowledge this message or response = Samuel a defender of God.)

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