Red hair black thin glasses with a white jewel on the edge,blue eyes with both innocence and a sign she had seen to much. Her cloths consisted of a slim v neck dress shirt over the top a black and red checkered dress jacket and black dress jeans. All signs the profilers sitting around watching her meant she has an appointment here.

"Shes chewing her finger nails,judging by her other hands condition she doesn't do that often ?"

the statement came a skinny yet toned blonde who had curly blonde hair and choice in clothing was a sweater vest and cakey only he could pull it off and only he in the office did so. The genius was known as Doctor Spencer Reid of the FBI IQ of 187. A black-haired female, who wore a raised and eyebrow at the youngest profiler. "You couldn't just say she looks nervous?" said the sarcastic professionally dressed Supervisory Special Agent. The women's name was Emily Prentiss. A dark skinned well muscled man with a smug look on his face and a somewhat casual appearance looked at Reid. "She kind of gives off a vibe of a young female you" SSA Derek Morgan was rewarded with a pointed glare. A Young blonde had taken a seat in front of the girl, and was talking to the girl who would respond and slowly began to relax a bit. The Charismatic former Media lesion and current Special Agent was Jennifer Jereau but went by the name J.J. "Who ever she is she clearly knows J.J" pointed out Morgan. "Heads up there coming this way" stated Prentiss. It appeared J.J has just been with in mid conversation. "And this is the team" the red haired girl gave an awkward wave that reminded Morgan of the first time he tried to shake hands with Reid. "Hi,I'm Rosa-Fai Nelen 27 years old former member of Crime Sean Investigation, and I'm currently applying for a job here" J.J was apparently used to such ways of introduction. The girl seemed to noticed the uncomfortable looks from the team even Reid was a little off put and the young girl looked at her feet then to J.J who was the only one simply smiling at her. "Did I introduce myself wrong?" J.J shook her head. "It was my bad, I told her to introduce herself, when she asked how she should as not to mess up, I told her give you the basics should have specified what the basics were" Reid was the first one to shrug it off. "I did something similar when I first met the team except I gave my blood type and IQ instead of an age and former position." He stated happy when that brought a smile from her lips. Derek was next, "So Rosa-Fai what position are you applying for here?" he asked curiously. "Please call me Rose and I applied for Agent" The surprised looks didn't go unnoticed by Rose. "I assure you I'm not as fragile as I look, and I'm qualified" J.J nodded. "She's as accomplished as you Spence, Two Doctorates, and a Masters" Rose looked at Reid. "Hardly anything compared to here who had 3 doctorates and was a member of the BAU by 22 years old." She said in a fact tone of way not as a compliment. Prentiss chuckled, "Don't try to compare yourself to Reid I don't think there's a soul in the world who can compare to his brain" Rose smiled shyly. Reid shrugged and smirked, "I've heard of your read a couple of your published Psychology papers on Suicidal Tendencies connecting with Homicidal tendencies, it was well done probably even better than I could do" Rose shook her head. "There were holes in my Thesis my professor was the one who insisted it be published, insisted that Criminology and Psychological Studies were different from hard science, I'm still not sure what that had to do anything with it" she shrugged and the team simply stared in confusion. Derek realized there were currently two geniuses in the room,and the girl was apparently even more socially awkward than Reid. She turned to Derek and smiled a unsure but kind smile. " And your SSA Derek Morgan former Unit Chief and specializing in behaviors consisting of, Obsession, Fixation, and explosive tendencies." She recited. Morgan nodded, "That was word for word on my public information file" he said eyebrow raised. "What don't tell me you have a Photographic memory as well" he joked. "Eidetic", Rose and Reid Corrected in chorus. Rose nodded, "And yes actually I have a Visual and Audio based Eidetic memory, though perhaps not as strong a memory as Visual based" The team had just learned something knew they never knew Reids memory was primarily visual based. She then set her sights on Emily. "And your Emily Prentiss, Yale Graduate, former Interpol member specialties of Linguistics, Child Advocacy, Profiling of terrorists" Emily smiled. "Impressive" Rose looked. "SSA Rossi is currently in Hotche's office, so J.J suggested I come and meet you" she stated. Since she addressed Rossi by his formal title but not Hotch of J.J, Derek connected that meant she already met his boss. As if on cue Rossi came down and simply nodded. He seemed in a bit of a sour mood but seemed to have over heard a bit of them. "Save the run over of my public data for later kid, I'm assuming Hotch is referring to you when he said send the red head up" he said the team was surprised by his brash almost hostile attitude. Rose tensed a bit when he brushed passed her a visually relaxed when he left. "Well seems I have made a poor impression with him" J.J was shaking her head but Reid was first to speak up. "He's like that with everyone when he gets in one of his moods" Rose nodded and said goodbye going up to talk to Hotch. Everyone was doubtful she would get the job.

Rose was at her third case and first crime scene with Reid and Morgan. A serial killer targeting none other the red heads who showed to be strong-willed and driven. The victims similarities of a hard background like her own were hitting close to home but she was doing well with it. She used her experience as a crime scene investigator to help figure out how big the Unsub had to be and point out detailed subconscious forensic so far,but it might have taken longer with out her help all of it still could have been done with out her and she felt an odd need to prove her self. 'Stay objective' she thought. Morgan was watching her Spencer seemed to pretty much trust her intelligence already but how she would handle this kind of work was in question. "The victim was dragged up the stairs from the kitchen to here the bath room strapped to that bed he used a gun to get her to stop fighting and when that wouldn't work and he was not ready to kill her he did the same thing as he did with the first victim he was threatened something she cared about" she said nodding to the picture of a large golden retriever. "Family says she would do anything for her dog ,id have to back it up with proof but I belive she might have given her own life for that dog" Rose stated Morgan looked impressed but skeptical. Spencer was first to speak, "Garcia found records of a news paper report of her dog saving her life a couple of years ago in a house fire,that and probably an already close relation ship probably brought out a mix of a maternal protectiveness and sibling like need to defend it there for leading to Amanda being willing to risk or give her life for her dog" Reid explained and Morgan nodded. "OK,so he threatens her to coƶperate and then knocks her out when he's done with her he uses chloroform to knock her unconscious and drowns her in the bath tub down the hall,what I don't get is the ginger why is it ginger incent is left at every house and powder is stuffed into the victims mouse" Reid nodded. "Combined that will the flowers and cards he sent I say were looking at serial stalker though" Morgan added

After telling Hotch what they learned it was time to deliver the profile they had so far. "This guy is charismatic, he has a superiority complex though and he will most likely slip up and be insulting" Emily began. "He'll most likely cover it up with a compliment or a joke" Reid explained. "He finds his victims by coincidence,but when he pics a target he deludes himself into thinking them in love with him,his mind finds them self in a mix of pity,love,and lust for these women ,when they break his fantasy of them needing him he finds a rage and breaks killing if not first kidnapping them" He continued. Rose's turn her first time helping deliver a profile she was nervous, but she stayed objective and direct. "Hes tall, wears designer cloths, his car will be nice but due to his job probably being average pay his house will be modest but well kept,he's probably in his mid 30s to early 40s Caucasian,our witness describes him with a scar along the back of his neck,he will probably see this as an imperfection to himself and hide it some how." Hotch spoke up next, "If the scar is not hidden he will make an exaggerated impressive story if asked about it,he is incredible dangerous and manipulating do not approach him alone" he thanked them for there time and they scattered. They worked for 2 weeks before the case went cold the killings suddenly stopped. Over the short amount of time Rose had found a place among the team,Rossi was the only one who still showed reluctance to accept her she simply ignored it and treated him how she treated everyone else. Right now she was thinking a frown etched in her features as she watched out the window of the private jet. Hotch sat in front of her making her jump not noticing he was there. "Sorry did I scare you?" he asked Rose shook her head. "More surprised" she stated. "I noticed something on your mind" Rose rolled her eyes. "I'm fine" she shrugged. Hotch raised and eyebrow, "You've been isolating your self more than what Iv noticed is normal for you,as well as you have been on the same page of your book for 2 hours,you're not reading it since as you said you can read 18,789 words per minuet" Rose shrugged, "I hate that we did not get him,the fact he could kill again any day now its weird I'm not sure but it makes me feel an unpleasant emotion" Hotch let out a sigh "Guilt and irritation I would guess" Rose nodded in agreement. "We all noticed it you connected with the victims,you wanted justice for them probably more than the rest of us,and we will get it but until he resurfaces there is nothing we can do" Rose frowned avoiding Hotch's eyes said. "You mean until he kills again,until some one who is trying to start over dies we can't catch him" Hotch nodded sadly but his expression hardened. "It does not happen often thankfully but sometimes we lose a battle,I need to know you can handle it, that you can let it go" he stated firmly Rose eyes narrowed. " I can, that does not mean I have to like it now does it" Hotch smirked. "No, No it does not" Thats when Hotch knew this girl belonged on the team,he wondered how things would develop from here