Tex awoke many hours later still twitching from the bewitching spell of a Manipulator. All that green waving hair, those crazy blood red eyes, and the illusions she creates in the mind of others is one sexy way to incapacitate. Tex was both pissed and intrigued. He had heard from rumors that Manip's were the best lovers of the races. Maybe he could find out if he could catch the scent of her.
Bardo was going to be pissed if he hears about this, New Hope has the ability to spread the word faster than an all girl's school back home. Tex didn't even blink at the thought of how many times he broke into the school to catch a good lay. Good old days. It isn't long until he gets a header. It's only five hours old, that's plenty of time to lose them or catch them. Assuming that Manip had friends, though, it was going to be difficult. If he went to Bardo, he could acquire some men. It would be running the risk of getting anger rather than aid.
"Stupid Manip whore," Tex grumbles as he follows the scent rather than going to New Hope.