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Free, the magic, immortal warewolf
My info.
Free (フリー, Furī), referred to as The Man with the Demon Eye (魔眼の男, Magan no Otoko) while he was in prison, is a Werewolf from the Immortal Clan. Free is the first and only Immortal in the entire Soul Eater series, and usually proclaims his immortality to his fighting opponents. He is also the first character introduced with a Mixed Soul, as he is part Human, Witch, and Werewolf (therefore Monster). Free was imprisoned for so long that he forgot his own name, and when Eruka Frog helped him to escaped, he took the name Free as he was now "free."

Free is ironically silly and is often reasonably comedic in his thoughts and actions. When he was able to escape Witch prison, he explained to Eruka that while in jail, he devised a plan to escape. This plan involved Free attempting to dig a tunnel under the cell's wall with a spoon. Free came up with this idea out of inspiration from movies he had seen, to which he had always had thought that the concept was very "cool". This plan, however, is foiled on account that the prison would only serve food that only required chopsticks to eat with, never providing Free with the spoon he so desperately needed.

Free is also reasonably slow mentally and even he acknowledges it, stating that he is isn't very good at coming up with ideas. When Eruka suggested another method Free could have used to escape Witch prison, Free, upon realization of how simple the concept was, bashed his head against a nearby tree, calling himself an idiot. However, he has shown he is capable of cunning. During the attack on Shibusen he used an illusionary duplicate to delay Kid and Black☆Star. He has also managed to steal one of Mabaa's eyes, implying he was previously much stronger and more skilled than he is at current, likely due to his 200 year incarceration.

He also has been shown to have an incredibly bad sense of direction. During Operation Charge Baba Yaga's Castle, Free was assigned to destroy a Lock in Baba Yaga's castle's second tower, but instead, ended up in tower 8, the tower on the complete opposite side of the Castle. Free responds to the realization in much the same way as he had done when Eruka had mentioned another cliche for Free to escape prison, holding his head and shouting, frustrated with himself.

Free overall doesn't seem to like when others draw attention to his mistakes. When he fought against Maka and Soul in London, he accidentally hits himself with his own attacks on two occasions as a result of not having fought in over 200 hundred years. He tries to avert the attention of his opponents by saying that everything is okay, and that there is nothing of interest to see.

He takes pleasure in actions against DWMA or enemies of Medusa, noticeably smiling when he is responsible for any kind of successful action against either force. When he successfully tricks Kid and Black☆Star into thinking that they were actually fighting him during The Eve Party Nightmare while they were actually only fighting an image of him, he is shown laughing at the duo after they discover the truth.

When he feels as if he is in debt to someone, Free always likes to repay the person he believes he is in debt to. Upon first meeting the Witch Medusa, Free almost
immediately asks Medusa how he can repay her for breaking him out of prison. At first, Medusa purposefully tests Free, saying that he doesn't have to repay her, to which Free persists in asking that he do so.

In his human form, he is a tall, attractive man with a rather muscular build, apparently seeming to be in his thirties, with some facial hair unkept. On his right shoulder
he has a tattoo of unknown form, which resembles an eye. Above the left eye pulled free from Mabaa instead of an eyebrow the words "NOFUTURE" are tattooed. This eye also shows no pupil or iris, instead it has magical symbols. He is almost always seen in his prison clothes, complete with ball and chain on his left leg and stripes in black and
white from the bottom up. Although generally the top half of the outfit is tied around his waist, he also wore a simple white t-shirt instead. Later he is shown with the same shirt, but with an inverted color scheme.

In his werewolf form, Free's appearance is that of the typical depiction of a werewolf. It features mostly dark fur; with his chest area, abdomen, hands, face and ears
all being gray. This form used to include a long tail when Free first revealed himself as a werewolf, however, after it was cut off by Maka's Witch-Hunt Slash it is yet to be seen again. He also has both extended sharp claws and fangs.

Free is a member of a clan of Immortal Clan, and therefore cannot die, ultimately making it difficult to estimate just how old he is. His relationship with his clan
(along with information about the clan itself) is currently unknown.

Before the events of Soul Eater, Free became a legend when he was able to successfully steal the Grand Witch Mabaa's left eye. He then fought the Grand Witch,
which is when Mabaa discovered that no matter how much effort she put into it, she could not successfully kill Free on account of his immortality. Mabaa, however, used an alternate strategy in defeating Free, and instead of killing him, she was able to restrain him and have Free locked up in Witch Prison for life. Free became famously known
among Witches as "Prisoner 13, The Man with the Demon Eye". In order to ensure Free never escaped, Mabaa personally kept the key to Free's cell in her room, until the Witch Medusa was able to steal it generations later. Free was blindfolded and shackled for 200 years until the events of Soul Eater, when Eruka Frog frees him using Maaba's
stolen key.

Physical Fitness: Free has both inhuman strength and speed due largely to his physical prowess and werewolf heritage, making him capable of moving much
faster than one might expect from someone of his stature. In battle he show great skill in close combat by use claws and tail additionally he also managed to use the ironball that he was chained to as deadly weapon.

Battle Wolf Fist: A sort of martial art Free uses. He is normally first shown assuming a crouching position with his two hands up, before attacking. The first two
fingers and his thumb are pointed together and he is standing on his toes. The style itself features very fluid movements, transferring easily from offense to defense and from punches to kicks, creating an almost continuous barrage of attacks.

Immortality: As an immortal, Free is unable to die, being able to survive fatal wounds and regenerate in mere moments. This also slows his aging to a halt, having
spent 200 years in Witch Prison without any problems from imprisonment. The downside is that while he can survive any form of harm, he is still capable of feeling pain. Due to years of experience however, he has a high threshold for it, barely noticing of flinching when Soul stabs him through the chest.

Magic: Free has also demonstrated the use of Ice magic and Dimensional magic, which combined with the immortality he possess, makes him a substantial
threat. Though initially rusty from his time in prison, Free has shown that he is adept at manipulating magic for all its intents and purposes, whether this be offensive or defensive. It's currently unknown magic was his natural skill or he got it by stealing Mabaa Demon Eye. His chant for magic is "Wolf Wolves Wolf Wolves."

Battle Wolf Fist Techniques

■Wolf Tail Wall: He simply enlarges his tail and holds it in front of himself for a protective barrier.
■Ice Cone: Free creates a cone of solid ice to come out of the ground to skewer his enemies. he seems to, however, have trouble placing them in places in which
they do not skewer him if he comes to close.
■Ice Sphere: By encasing his iron ball in ice he uses it increased size and mass too use it as an effective weapon.
■Ice Shackle Bullet: Following Ice Sphere, Free swings it towards his enemy like a cannon ball.
■Ice Spindle: After using Ice Sphere he jumps up and adds on to "Ice Sphere" creating a giant stalactite shaped pillar of ice to ram down and pierce his foe.
■Ice Pillar: Causes a pillar of ice to appear behind the enemy, normally trapping them.
■Ice Bind: Encases enemies feet in ice.
■A Vasili: By freezing water around his enemy, he can encase the foe in ice.
■Ice Fist: By encasing his fist on ice, he can deal greater impacts when he punches.
Spatial Magic

■Independent Cube: Using the magic of his left eye Free creates a magic cube that will isolate whatever is inside in another dimension. He needs both Eruka and

Medusa to use Arithmetic Magic (Magic Calculation), so he seals only what he needs to seal. He claims to be able to hold it for an hour, but only manages to keep it up for fourty minutes. This shortened duration could have been due to attempting to imprison Shinigami, though he says it was manly embellishment.

■Forwarding vision: Free casts an illusion which perfectly projects a reproduction of the actions that he conducts.

Demon Eye Techniques

■Demon Eye Cannon: Free starts charging energy into his left eye, then he fires it. In the form of a green energy blast.
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