Hrm, I forgot to update this. I was just looking at my guilds and I saw that gaia library thing that I was working on a while back... I should really finish that sometime xD Maybe I should get some help for it...? Hrm... I'll have to look into that... I also have this shop that I was planning on making but never finished, which I probably should finish... xD

Oh yeah, and a picture that I made since the last time I put some up.

Sam's Belated Bday Present
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That is me, my friend Sam, and my now ex-friend Kim. Sam is the one on the left, Kim is the one in the middle, and I'm the one on the right. xD Yeah it's pretty weird, but that's the point! Also, if you're wondering about the unicorn, I promised my friend Sam a unicorn for her birthday.

I'm also in the process of making two more pictures, so yeah. I'll put them up when I make them! If I remember...