Moon Sugar has got to be my favorite item in Skyrim. i mean, isn't it a drug, though? i hope not, because i collect it! 0.O
I have a shelf in my house where i have tons of bowls of Moon Sugar lined up. i know it's one of the main ingredients in Skooma, which is an illegal drug in Skyrim.
But is Moon Sugar like this as well? i have no idea, but it has an amazing name... and i want to eat Moon Sugar! 0.0
So i had Googled Moon Sugar, and i found out there's these guys... and they made a recipe for Moon Sugar! Moon Sugar can be made for a treat!
But it IS an illegal drug in Skyrim. no worries, though, because i'm sure the recipe for Moon Sugar made by these people is totally harmless candy... at least i hope 0.0
Because i'm not a disgusting person who does things like drugs >=[
But anyway... Skyrim is an amazing game. it has all kinds of awesome items that i collect, like Moon Sugar, Snowberries, Lavender, Boiled Creme Treats, Sweetrolls, and lunar enchanted weapons! my house in Whiterun is totally full of this stuff =P