Full Name of Character: Salem R'saava
Code Names/Aliases: The Seer
Characters Biological Age: 21
Characters Species: Miraluka
Characters Gender: Male
Characters Weight: 64 kilos
Characters Height: 1.63 meters
Characters Home Planet: Alpharidies
Languages Learned: Galactic Basic
Faction: Jedi
Character Appearance: Light skinned, sandy blonde hair. Wide grin with laugh lines, and no visible scars or imperfections. No eyes, just indents for eye sockets.

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Character Personality: Salem is outgoing and spontaneous. He is almost always smiling, and enjoys the company of others very much. He connects with people easily, seeing into them with a foresight that is very powerful. Salem is devoted to learning all he can of the Jedi of old, and helps discover areas where disturbances in the force are being created that most would over-look. He is helpful and innovative. Liking nothing better than to lend a hand or give someone a smile.

Characters Inventory:
- Single dark green lightsaber.
- medpacks
- small tool kit
- blaster pistol
- satchel with food, capsules, etc.

Characters Family: Emily R'saava: Sister, missing, presumed dead.

Characters History: Salem was born on Alpharidies, the Miraluka's adopted homeworld. He knows very little of his family; only vague memories of his sister. At a young age Rouge Jedi burned down his home, and a lot of his neighbors houses. His sister disappeared and his parents never made it out of the house. Afterward he was adopted by the Jedi Order, for a particularly strong connection to the force. Throughout growing up Salem recieved "visions". Though not all are clear or coherent they gave him a reputation and a nickname, The Seer. Salem loves being part of the Jedi, and holds almost no pain or resentment of the days he was made into an orphan. He understands it was fate which brought him into the arms of the Light side and is at peace with his past. The only thing that bothers him is the feeling his sister lives... and the feeling grows day by day. Creeping into this mind and heart and making him desperate for answers.

(This part is only if it will be accepted as a higher rank then Padawan) Salem is a brand new Jedi Knight, finally having passed his exams. He looks forward to doing meaningful things and presenting his visions to the council. Lately he had begun to feel disturbances in the force, echoes and ripples that were very subtle but unnerving, and not long after was the fall of Koros. He now wants to go out into the field with the company of his masters, or the Republic soldiers so he can help discern the where-abouts and intents of this new foe.

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