I needa remember to keep doing these. Less and less to say i suppose.
Life lessons to follow right now: Just do it keep going dont look back and think just Do it yup, nope go. Thats it

And an interesting dream happened last night, hopefully i can put this in chronological order. I dont remember where i was or who i was with exactly, i think it was some public place and either my family or my teachers were there. Oh wait i think i was fighting aliens.. or osmething was happening.. yeeah.. monkey blobby looking aliens. Maybe not fighting. I dont know, anyway, I swallowed a small coin. I litterally swallowed a small coin that looked like a golden dime about the size of the head of a nail. I remember being worried that eating it would ruin my insides, someone was disapointed in me for eating it. Not disappointed really but kind of like "oh my god, why would you do that -facepalm-" Perhaps that was my personification of logic.
So i was all like, well wait should i just throw it up? wait til i have to go to the bathroom? I was starting to get really worried about it, like did i have to get it surgically removed?
Then i "woke up" and told my mom about the dream. I was actualyl still asleep so i guess i had an inception dream. So i told my mom about the coin dream and she was just kind like "Oh really? Well thats interesting hunny" I was with my mom, my dad, my sisters in this giant auditorium in fancy red seats, we were all in fancy attire waiting for this play to start. Me and my sisters were running around messing around.
I went near the exit of the auditorium and walked through. I could either go left right or forward. I looked to the right and there was this really long corridor, fancy carpet, cleanly painted walls. Then suddenly at the end of the hallway was that one thing. The thing in Slender mans Arrival video game. The thing in the hoodie. It had a hoodie in my dream too, and it was just as scary. I looked like a Johnny (eden of the east) in a hoodie basically.
I was frozen solid. The thing freaked out and ran after me it climbed up along the walls and to the ceiling somehow being able to hold itself up there as it crawled towards me with alarming speed. I remember ducking under it and running forward hoping it would pass over me, it did and i turned around, it stood there for a split second then i woke up.. But then again i also remember pointing at a hallway that looked just like the one i jsut described and telling my mom how it was in my dream. So perhaps i had it mixed up. Anyways. It was weird and scary.