I've got a lot of homework tonight. Here I am, though, still sitting at the computer. There's a man who fought in World War II coming in to History class tomorrow. I'm actually pretty excited. dramallama We just started a persuasive essay today (in English class, if that wasn't clear). I think I might do mine on why a person is born with their sexuality. I go to a Christian school, and while most of my teachers aren't bigots, I'm afraid of how they'll react. I'll think about it. I just realized today that a History project I've hardly started on is due a lot sooner than I thought. I've got a Bible project to finish, but I've got most of it done; my teacher is showing us how he wants us to do the rest of it tomorrow. Oh! A little trivia: Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide on this day, April 30th, 68 years ago.