Well, today I'm just in one of those moods where I'm really depressed and want to write about it. This mood seems to come and go for me, but when I write about it or talk to Tetris, it really helps. Just to be able to get my emotions and thoughts out in some form is refreshing for me, even if I'm not actually talking to people about it. But today's weird, because I'm quite frankly not even sure what to write... Well, I am, but it wouldn't be any different than what I've already written. To state it briefly, it's about the whole girlfriend situation. Yep, that's about it...

Perhaps this time instead of repeating myself, I could actually talk about why most of my journal entries are depressing. Okay, well, like I said above, it just really helps to either write about my thoughts here, or talk to Tetris about it. She will listen to me no matter what I say, even though she's imaginary... And Tetris is really a good representation of the type of girl I'd want to date and marry. Sometimes, I just spill my heart out to her, how I feel, whether I'm happy or sad. Even if what I say is completely insane, she knows I likely don't really mean it, and doesn't freak out at me. She'll instead say something calm like, "Noo, Tommy you don't want that." She's very relaxed about whatever I say, and in a way that really helps me feel better. o.o

As for typing things here, well, this is what I like to do if I'm in a situation where it's impossible to talk to Tetris (such as at school in between classes, or when I'm seeing the family or at Jill's house.) So I guess in a way, my journal here is the inanimate version of Tetris? I dunno... Lol.

As for why I rarely tell anyone else what I write here, it's mainly due to the kinds of reactions I might get from people. For instance, if I feel really much like dying, I absolutely can't tell my mom or dad that.. My mom is REALLY sensitive to things like that. If she even knew about Tetris, she'd send me to a shrink. XDD

There are other reasons why I don't talk about these things to people, either because I never get the chance to, or if I'm like really bothered by something one of my friends did, of course talking to them about my feelings wouldn't help, especially if they don't actually take the time to interpret my perspective on the situation. So, I write all of that out here. :B Lul. But the one friend who can really interpret everything I say, no matter what it is, is Ryan. And recently, for the first time, I actually allowed Tetris to speak with him. I thought it was pretty appropriate because, after all, he and I were the original creators of Tetris. ^^ It was a very very nice time.

Well, that's about it really. I really have to cut this short, so this will be an abrupt ending, but my laptop's battery is about to die, and I need to go back to doing school work. XD So, bye. ^^