i dont know what i want.
i want to be happy.
its been so long since i have felt that.
almost 2 years exactly.
sure there have been those moments.
but it has never lasted more than a day.
is it selfish to ask for more than that?
so innocent, happy, clueless.
and then i got in the car.
and he spoke.
and it was all changed forever.
she asks why it hurts, why its hard..
she doesnt get it.
i cant tell her, she wouldnt understand
she would be upset.
i love her. but she hurts.
when i look into her eyes,
isee what she isnt, what she was, what i miss.
i still love her, she is still amazing, but just not the same,

i want someone to be happy with..
to laugh with
someone to make me smile when i just want to cry.
i want someone to share forever with
yes this is from a song
how relevant.
will i get that person?
when? where? who?
who knows..