Finally in the 70's. A long, drawn out winter. Not to my neck's liking. Doing to much, baclofen, usually for MS patients. Pain that is, as ligament spasm's. Refuse to take it, got the roof aluminum sealed. Have been painting the trim, bought new skirting. I'll get some vinyl gutters for the missing side. Christine can hold them as I level to a slight angle. Easy job. I'm not slaving this summer. Metal detecting. Now the area of Revolutionary/Civil War. Where I live that is. Dan Troani, the famous Civil War artist has found a lot of Civil War stuff. Dutch Schultz, the famous gangster, buried a cash box with 7 million in the Catskill's, maybe I'll get lucky. Christine is not a bad cook but pasty's..yuck. I hated to criticize them but if I did'nt, I'd get more. Ordered her a tea set, like mini cups for that Swiss cafe, nice flower designs. She just sits and drinks her little collection of herbal teas and sneaks some Earl Grey time-to-time. A meat slicer too for our Italian beef. That's a Chicago claim to fame, cannot find them here. So sautee my own green peppers, slice my beef and figure out some good spices for the aus jus. Hell, may be able to make a business, as no one has been smart enough to, so far. I do all I can, not to mention Croatia, so many bad memory's for her. Her parents dead and mines all over. I try to encourage her artwork but I don't think she has been on her Deviant or whatever that sites called, in some time. I remember when she moved in...going through my emails and all. I should have deleted a lot of personal things. She is the possessive kind and I mean possessive. I cannot go anywhere without her. Well, better than no attention I guess. She loves to dress up and wear the 2 pairs of high heel boots that I bought her. Joe and Jessica were over, they have no problem with our age variance but I don't tell a lot. Have to go to get cards tomorrow..Mary and Joannie had carpal tunnel surgery, neither knew of the other having it the same day and same surgery until I told them. Rita's brother passed away. Sad story, a tire of a car blew up in his face..he lost an eye and had brain damage as a result. Called my Portuguese friend in Toronto. Shawn and him are doing good, probably meet up in 2 weeks. And my lost Provincial Police friend, Shawn called from the station. He's 2 north of Toronto..his wife ditched him after a child. He was on a medical leave for quite awhile, a breakdown, I am sure. She would always erase my calls and never give him messages. He was near all that activity a few back, that sadist murderer, Karla Homolka. She only got manslaughter for those sick deals. She popped up with a new look, when she got out of jail and was recognized in Montreal. She married a guy with a small hardware store, then when discovered...split.Gar the same 6 months ago in Michigan. Came home from a family funeral in the North Peninsula to a note...F'you, met a guy on FB 2 years ago. Why I hate that FB and all that crap. Both these women left their kids. Priceless women.She just took her clothes. Makes one wonder on society in general. I hope this lawsuit pans out. Their solicitor made so many idiotic errors and for what she gets paid....a real joke. Just watched an episode of First Wave, Crazy Eddie, who is paranoid schizophrenic in the show, goes into an insane asylum to get Gua/alien information. I laughed my ass off so much. The aliens were putting pins in the base of their brains, to cause the patients, all key scientists and all to go insane with hallucinations. The part that killed me was to escape the guards, Eddie jumped down a laundry chute head first and no bags or cart was on the lower floor, head first on the concrete. I mean it is not funny to have it happen to you but was kind of dumb. Guess, he thought it was worth the risk in his panic. Damn neck. Think a few rounds of the Coalition, 1805-1815, long game and bed.My gentleman researcher's are working on classical economics and the Code Napoleon. Not bad for 1805, all the German states are my ally but Prussia and Saxony. Finally got the book on Winkler and the 305th Division at Stalingrad. 660 pages. American's have it to good, as they have never had their country razed to bricks, other than when the idiots were killing each other in the Civil War. Over slaves, no less. Even Hegel could not figure that one in 10 lifetimes. Oddly, Christine has no interest in making friends here. She just says mine are ok, I make good choices. Maybe so. Her University work is in Mortuary Science, someone has to do it lmao. When she told me that, I nearly flipped. Bad thing, she has no license. So I'm the taxi. Well, I can understand her thoughts of seeing cars blown up by mines over there, so its a wonder she gets into one. I never realized leaving this Bosch painting was so easy.