writen by John Adam Moore
creater John adam moore
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12 years ago

at the kings palace wile others are dancing at the kings party
lich"send the red orc tribe to the village of elvangale. The one that is near the forest on the outer rim of the map, burn the forest as well village there burn it down as well"
orc guard "yes my lord"
back at the village of Elvangale

A young child elf named Shadow is off in the woods at the river, there is a small clear pond that shadow likes to swim in.
wile swimming shadow smells something burning.
Shadow "whats that smell? it smells like smoke" looks to his village as it is now burning and now screams of pain as well and shouts. from orcs and ogeres.

orc"BURN EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE " other kids screaming" AAAAHHHHHHH HELP IT BURNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Shadow gets dressed and runs to his village to see whats happing

When Shadow gets to his village the sreaming has stopped it looks like he was to late to save anyone and as he is looking around for any servivors he finds no one alive, everyone from his village except him is dead

page 2

Shadow terrified look on his face from what he has just seen
Shadow: "why? is everyone dead and why is the village burning ?" "IS ANYONE THERE ARE THERE WHERE IS EVERYONE !!!?"
Shadow devistated a fire near him makes some wood from one of the houses fall and gives him some scratches on his face Shadow is nocked on conciouse as his whole village is basicly burning and there is no sings of the Orcs and Ogers he heard earlyer

The next day after everything is burned shadow wakes up tears come down his face and a near by group of nymphs finds the injured Shadow they see him walking away from his own village
little known to him he is the only one left alive from his village.
scavaging for some food the young Shadow starving jumps out in front of the group of nymphs.

Elder nymph: "what happend here young elf"
Shadow: "what happend? Everyone in my village was murdered even the houses where burned " "they where burned alive i herd there screams everyones screams i'm all alone now becuase of those damn orcs and ogeres!!" "THEY KILLED EVERYONE

Shadows eyes then turn into silver dragon eyes and Shadow lets out a roar just like a silver dragons roar.
Then with little energy left he faints and falls to the ground
Elder nymph: "is he still alive ?"
Medical nymph: "yesh he is"
Elder nymph: "bring him with us we will look after him and train him this is a desendaint of a silver dragon he is bound to eventualy turn into one guards have one of our female nymphs take care of him and rais him and train him look for survivors"

page 3

chapter 1
Shadows Quest

12 years later Shadow: ok focus. (with a swing of his hand) "ray of frost" (shards of ice hits the targets that has been set up for shadow)

nymph teacher: "very good Shadow. you have improved on your abilities more then anyone else has. everyone you could learn alot from how Shadow focuses and uses his spells and aim "
other students:"yes teacher"

nymph teacher: "ok everyone class is dismissed."
"Shadow the Elder would like to speak to you "
Shadow: "ok i will head up to the
Elders home rite away"

Shadow walks up to the Elder nymphs home
Elder nymph: "Shadow the time has come for you
to search for whom destroyed your village and murderd".
Shadow: "yes Elder i will accomplish my quest"

Elder nymph: "then go to the dragons den, and find an archer named Lerinok join him, and the both of you should go to the kings castle and meet him he has requested, both of your assistance."
Shadow: "yes Elder i will go now."

After his coonversation with the Elder nymph, Shadow goes to the smith of the nymph village and gets a bow and bolts and a spear and then he is givin some potions and then he is set of to the Dragons Den to meet Lerinok

page 4
Shadows quest

A few months later Shadow arrives at the Dragons Den. Shadow finds Lerinok and becomes friends with Lerinok.
Both Shadow and Lerinok go to the kings catsle since a guard was sent to get them.
Shadow and Lerinok walk to the town through the bad part of town where the poor lived and through the richer area.

Lerinok:"Shadow look at these poor people we somehow need to make there lives better but for now we should head to the castle to see what the king wants"
Shadow: "agreed i also wish we could help them but we do need to see what the king wants with us"
Lerinok:" i wonder what the king wants with us what do you think Shadow?"
Shadow:"i dunno but, we will find out soon where here"

Shadow and Lerinok arrive at the castle. As they are walking in they see a throne with a person who is the king sitting in it with two guards and what appears to be a girl, but that looks like to be a elf but diffrent somehow sitting on the floor next to the king in chains.
Shadow, Lerinok
thats what i have so far