It's been too long since I wrote in here, so I am now!
Well, these past few days have been... Interesting, to say the least.
I fell in love with my manwhore of a best friend, and he happens to be a ginger. xD
I also went on a South Park spree with my other best guy friend.
One has a girlfriend, and one doesn't. I'll refer to them as Ginger and Yami. Don't ask why.
But anyway. Yami is the friend that lives with me and has a girlfriend.
Ginger is the friend I see on Tuesday, Friday, and weekends.
Yami is referred to as Yami because he loves Yu-Gi-Oh, and is currently ignoring me to look at some cards. :[
That's pretty much the only reason I'm even in my journal in the first place tonight.
South Park is playing in the background as I listen to Fallout Boy.
Dance Dance...~