Essa próxima Fanfic foi escrita por outra pessoa, vou deixar o link do blog caso você se interesse. Eu vou postar essa fanfic porque gostei muito dela, não está completa, mas vou manter as atualizações.

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LokixReader part one

Well okay, I’ll post this here for you to read…that is if you want…it’s my LokixReader fan fic…part one. I altered the storyline of Thor a bit so that Thor wasn’t able to stop Loki from destroying Jotunheim in time and so in result, Loki is banished by Odin to Earth where the reader finds him and takes him in wink Smut will be later <3

You had just finished your day at work.

You were tired, exhausted and wanted nothing but to be reunited with your bed. So you drive down the freeway, your windows were rolled down and you blared your favorite music. Suddenly the evening sky grew very dark. Lightning and thunder rolled through the sky and you sighed rolling up your windows in case it rains. It starts pouring rain sure enough and you put your windshield wipers on full speed, trying to see where you’re driving.

You see an exit approaching and so you take it, not sure where it will lead you. As you drive down the exit ramp you make a right onto a two lane highway that was pretty much deserted. Just bare land except for a few trees. You drive and the thunder and lightning grows louder and eventually you pull over to the side of the road because you can’t even see anymore. You put the car in park and just sit there, frustrated that you couldn’t get home because of the storm.

You take out your cellphone but there is no reception and you growl with annoyance. The evening was not going the way you had planned. But something got your attention outside. You happened to look up just as a strong beam of light appeared from the clouds and the lightning seemed to be attracted to it. You furrow your eyebrows and then a loud BOOM shook the land and you in your car. You let out a yelp of surprise and you get out of the car quickly, not even caring that you were instantly soaked from the rain. You ran towards where the strange occurrence happened, which luckily had not been far away. When you reach the site, you stop dead in your tracks.

A man was lying on the ground, dressed in long robes of emerald green and gold armor. He was unconscious as he lay upon an elaborate design burned into the ground. Your mouth opens and closes repeatedly until you get past your shock and you bend down next to the man. You look down upon his handsome, pale face and you hesitantly reach out to stroke it gently.

But just as you’re about to pull your hand away another hand grabs your wrist. Your eyes widen as you are startled by this and you look to see the man’s eyes are opened and they are a brilliant shade of green. Your gasp of surprise causes him to look at you and he briefly says in a weak voice, “Help me.” As soon as he says this in a deep, velvety voice his eyes close and he passes out once more.

You stare at him for a long minute before you stand up and grab his arms, dragging his body with you. You were definitely not the strongest person in the world and this guy was a lot heavier than he looked. But you were determined to find out who he was and what the hell just happened. Luckily your car wasn’t too far away and the rain slick mud helped you drag him towards the vehicle. You eventually reach the passenger side and with as much strength as you could muster, you lift him up and into the seat.

Once he was in the car, you shut the door and walk back over to the driver’s side. As soon as you get in you ignite the engine and turn around sharply on the road to drive back towards the freeway. As you drive, the rain lightens up until it is reduced to nothing more than a light drizzle. You roll your eyes as you think how ridiculous that the rain decides now to let up after everything that happened.

The drive home was uneasy as you constantly glance over at the handsome man unconscious in the seat next to you. He had a very handsome, chiseled face and he had long black locks of hair slicked back that reached the tip of his shoulders. Your eyes reach his thin lips but you quickly look away. Yeah, you’ve been single for a while but you don’t even know this man and for all you knew he could be a serial killer. For a split second you think of all the horror movies you’ve watched but you roll your eyes and sigh.

When you reach the city you lived in, you pull into the garage of your apartment and park the car. You get out of the car and grimace down at your soaking wet and very muddy clothing. You walk over to the passenger side and open the door, pulling the mysterious man out of the car. You had no idea why you were even doing this. Why did you bring him to your house? You didn’t even know his name…

But you didn’t care. The man asked for help and you couldn’t resist.

“God you’re heavy!” You groan to yourself as you stand him up, throwing his arm over your shoulders to support him. But as you wrap your arms around him you bite your lip when you feel how lean and shapely his muscles were beneath those robes. But you forced your mind out of the gutter and started to stumble with the man towards the elevator. You manage to hit the button for your floor and you slump against the wall of the elevator, feeling it jerk and start rising up the many floors of the apartment building. The whole time you stand in silence, listening to the cheesy elevator music play in the background.

When you reach your floor, you stumble out of the elevator with the man and make your way towards the door to your apartment. You fumble in your pockets for your keys and unlock the door finding it very difficult seeing as you’re supporting this unconscious man. You kick the door open and pull the man into your small home. You bring him over to your leather couch and with another huff of breath, you lay him down on the furniture. He is very tall, hardly fitting on the couch. But you ignore that and walk back to shut the door and then return to look at the man. Under the light of your living room lamps the man’s sharp facial features are softened, making him look (if possible) even more handsome.

You notice how muddy and wet his robes are and you sigh. If you didn’t undress him, he would freeze in those wet clothes. But…to undress him…

Once again you had to force your mind away from perverted thoughts. You went into your bedroom and were happy to find a rather large green buttoned down shirt and a pair of men’s black slacks. The last time you had a guy over at your apartment he left some of his clothes behind. You were going to throw them out but you’re thankful you never did.

You walk back over to the man on the couch with the clean clothes and you set to work trying to figure out how to remove his intricate robes and armor. He wore a long green cape which reminded you of one of those comic cons you used to go to as a kid. He was dressed fit to go to one of those.

You removed the gold armor plates and keep removing his clothes until all that remains on him is a cotton tunic and breeches. You feel the clothing and figure it’s dry enough from being under all of his other layers and armor so you leave him in that. You keep the fresh clothes next to him on a coffee table however and you walk into your bathroom. You turn on the shower until the water is hot and strip off your wet, muddy clothes to hop into the soothing hot water.

You wash yourself clean; removing the layer of mud caked onto your skin and thoroughly scrub your hair. Eventually you are cleaner than you could ever be and you walk out of the shower stall, a towel wrapped around you. You realize you forgot to bring some clean clothes into the bathroom with you so you open the bathroom door and begin walking towards your bedroom. But just as you almost reach the room, you walk right into something…or someone.

You look up and right into the face of the man you brought with you. You jump backwards with a scream and he steps back in astonished surprise. The shock is clearly visible on both of your faces but soon he registers that you are no threat and he relaxes his tense shoulders. You clutch tightly at the towel wrapped around your body and blush as you realize this is all you are wearing. Why oh why did you have to introduce yourself to him like this!?

“H-Hello,” you say timidly, your heart is pounding relentlessly in your chest.

The tall man blinked and then furrowed his eyebrows, looking around the apartment hallway he stood in.

“Where am I?” he asked. “What happened? How did I get here?”

You swallow as you try to speak through a trembling voice. “I was driving home from work during a storm a-and I saw this strange light in the sky that connected to the ground and then when I walked to the site of where it happened I found you lying on the ground. Y-You asked me to help you and so I did.”

The man looks back into your eyes; you can’t help but admire his beautiful green eyes. He was silent for a long period of time before he turned on his heels and made his way to the door of the apartment.

“I must leave at once. This is all a mistake. I’ve been banished from Asgard and I must return. Damn Odin…DAMN HIM!” he yelled the last bit in anger and you ran after him.

“Wait!” you yelled.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at you with angry eyes and a hint of confusion. “What is it, human?”

You stop and raise an eyebrow. “I’m sorry but…human? What the hell…is this the thanks I get for rescuing you!?”

He presses his lips together and then a small smile forms on his thin lips. “Thank you human for your help but I must leave immediately. I do not have time to waste with the likes of you.”

You rush forward and grabbed the back of his shirt causing him to whip around and glare at you. “Do not touch me human!” he snarls.

You relinquish your hand immediately but you stand your ground against him. “I will not let you leave. I demand answers and you will give them to me.”

The man blinks, his eyes now full of surprise that a human would stand their ground against him. Those green eyes narrow and he slowly advances towards you. You back away slowly from his advance and you bump backwards into someone. You turn around and see him standing behind you. You furrow your eyebrows in confusion and you look back at the man who was still approaching you. What the-!?

“How did you-!?” you ask in fear, still feeling him behind you. There were two of him…two of him!

He chuckles. “I have the power to clone myself…I do hope I don’t scare you too much with this power. I am Loki of Asgard.”

You look at him with confusion. Clearly this guy was messed up in the head…Asgard?

“Are you some sort of alien or something?” you ask him. “What the hell is Asgard?”

He laughs again. “Asgard is the home for us gods. You humans are so ignorant to other realms…Asgard is a part of the nine realms.”

You take in this information and are still highly confused but you continue to stand your ground against him. You had no idea where all of this courage was coming from but you were not about to let some guy claiming to be a god bully you around.

“Well whatever you are…you are not leaving this place.”

He takes another step towards you, his eyes filled with a strange light of humor. “And what makes you think I have to listen to you?” he asks in that velvety voice that is like sex to your ears.

“Your clothes are still in the washing machine.”

He stops and you both stare at each other for a long moment of silence. But then a smile breaks across his face and he starts laughing and it sounds true. He turns away from you and walks over to the couch in the living room, plopping himself down on it and snapping his fingers causing his clone to vanish.

“You humor me, human,” he says.

You take a deep breath and can’t help but smile slightly. You walk over and sit down on the chair across from him. You grab the blanket off the back of the chair and you toss it over you so you’re not just wearing the towel around your body. As you sit in the chair facing him, you and him embark on a staring contest, looking intently into the other’s eyes.

After a while he breaks the silence. “So once my robes are clean I shall take my leave.”

You shake your head. “No, not until you explain to me what this…Asgard…place is.”

He leans forward, resting his elbows on his thighs. “Why should I tell you anything about me? You’re just a human…weak and worthle-”

“I am not weak!” you snap at him, cutting him off. He raises his eyebrows at you and leans back so he is lounging on the couch.

“Did I successfully strike a nerve within you?” he asks, that smirk playing on his lips.

You narrow your eyes at him. “Yes you did. But it will not happen again,” you say darkly.

He watches you and the silence returns again between you two. After a while you stand up and clutch at the towel wrapped around you.

“And where are you going?” he asks curiously, those green eyes trailed down your figure momentarily before returning to your face.

“Well I can’t just wear this towel the whole time can I?” you say.

He breathes out a laugh through his nose and nods his head. “Very true. That garment does not suit you at all.”

You shoot another death glare at him and point a finger at him.

“Stay right there, I will be back shortly.”

You walk to your bedroom and quickly throw some clothes on. Just a simple pair of jeans and a blouse is all you need. You walk back to the bathroom and run a blow dryer through your hair and apply some make up. As annoying as this Loki guy was…you wanted to at least look good in front of him. He was too handsome for his own damn good.

Once you return to the living room he is still sitting on his couch looking lost in thought. He looks up at your return and sighs.

“You have returned wearing even more ill-fitted garments…you have no taste in style do you?”

You clench your hands into fists and grit your teeth. “One more comment about how ugly I am and I swear to god I will-”

“I don’t recall saying you were ugly,” he points out.

Your anger wears off instantly as you realize this. He only remarked about the clothes…he said nothing about your actual body…

“Oh…” you mumble and walk back over to your chair.

One you sit back down you hear a low grumble.

“What was that?” you ask.

He places a hand on his stomach with a frown. “It appears I am a little hungry…”

You sigh and stand back up. “Fine. I’ll get you something to eat.”

You walk into the small kitchen and begin digging through the pantry and fridge, searching for food. You had no taste in cooking and only bought instant foods that you could heat up in a microwave. So you pour out a can of vegetable soup and heat it up. You return to Loki and hold out the bowl of soup to him. He looks from it to you and then back at it. He slowly reaches out to take the soup and lifts a spoonful up to his lips. He sips it and then his face turns into the expression of disgust.

“Awful…this has no right to claim the name of soup,” he says darkly.

You snicker and he glares at you. “What is so funny?” he asks.

You shake your head while placing a hand lightly over your lips. “Nothing, it’s just that you have such high standards…you really are stuck up.”

“And you are really lacking on qualities a human should have.”

“Like what?”

“Like the fact that you do not know how to properly dress in clothing that would suit your figure. You do not know how to cook. And you do not know when to back down from a fight,” Loki lists off idly.

You snort and roll your eyes. “That’s all because you have such high standards.”

“That may be true but I could help you at least with your attire…”

“My attire…what is wrong with wearing a simple pair of jeans and a shirt?” you ask.

He sighs and shakes his head, taking another sip from his soup. “It just doesn’t suit your figure but oh well.”

You bite back a retort to this and just watch him eat his bowl of soup. Once finished, he sets it down and leans back onto the couch. “Well that certainly didn’t fill me nor did it taste nearly as good as the food in Asgard…but I suppose at the moment I can’t be picky.”

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” you mutter.

He shoots a smile at you and you look away. Every time the man smiles it sends your heart into an array of flutters.

“So how long does it take for my clothes to be washed?” he asks.

“Well you may have to stay the night.”

He chuckles and looks at you with a sly grin. “Do you usually have strange men stay overnight at your house?”

Your cheeks flush a bright red and you avert your gaze. “NO!” you say furiously.

He laughs freely and when his laughter subsides he clears his throat. “I apologize, that was very rude of me to ask.”

You don’t say anything and then he speaks. “I have no idea how I will get back to Asgard…” he says quietly and you can detect the frustration in his voice.

“Why were you sent away from your home? What did you do?” you ask.

His face turns serious and he looks away. “I did what I thought was right. I thought I was helping my father by destroying the Ice Giants…but I guess that’s not what he wanted. He was so…furious at me. He banished me for my actions just like he did with Thor.”


“Yes my brother…well no, he is not my brother. We were raised as brothers but I discovered the truth of my true parentage…” Loki says in a bitter voice.

You frown as you watch him glare down at his knees.

“You are not happy with the truth.”

He shakes his head. “No I am not. It turns out I was only taken by Odin for him to keep as a relic, hidden away until he might have use for me.”

You raise an eyebrow at this. “You don’t think he truly loved you as a son?”

Loki looks up at you with bitter eyes. “He couldn’t bear the thought of having an Ice Giant sitting on the throne,” he growls.

You blink in surprise. “Didn’t you say you killed the Ice Giants?” you ask him.

He nods. “Yes, I destroyed my own race. But only because I wanted to prove to my father that I was the rightful king of Asgard,” he says sternly. He looks away. “Clearly I was wrong in thinking he would approve of my actions.”

“And what of your brother, Thor?”

“Thor…” he repeats with malice in his voice. “I spit on his name. My brother who was so glorified and all I was, was his shadow.”

You consider his words thoughtfully and then stand up. Loki doesn’t watch you as you walk over to where he sat and sit down next to him. You keep a distance between the two of you on the couch but you turn to look at him.

“You know, I just met you this evening and I doubt the words from a human will matter little to you. But…I think you’d make a fine king. Everyone makes mistakes, even gods. And if your father cannot see that, then he is the one who is wrong.”

Loki looks over at you, his eyes slightly watery. You stare intently into his green eyes and he swallows.

“Thank you,” he says quietly.

You give him a small smile and then stand up.

“Well this couch should be alright for you to sleep on. I’ll be in my bedroom should you need me,” you say as you walk towards your bedroom.

You pause at the door and look back into the living room and gazed at the back of Loki’s head.

“Goodnight,” you say gently but loud enough for him to hear.

There was a pause before he answered, “Sleep well.”

You close the bedroom door behind you and collapse onto your bed, curling up beneath the covers as you try to calm your racing heart.