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Characters and all their relevant information.
Character Name: Ruby Perez
Age: 23
Ht./Wt.: 5'10" / 170lbs ( uses her Seducer ability to take some pounds off )
Race: Avalonian Demon, by inheritance (Seducer)
Appearance: Medium complexion. Her black hair is originally course and frizzy but she uses her Seducer nature to change it to a softer, shinier texture. She has brown-specked green eyes. She was originally a bit more full figured but uses her ability to trim herself down a bit. She would not be out of place on a 50s pin up, taking pride in possessing a more versatile, classic beauty that has served her well in more than one environment.

Powers: Ruby has powers from three sources:

Seducer Powers

Ruby has an aversion to things classified as inorganic (read: things that have never been alive ) and that are too cold. She prefers heat and has a talent for fire magic. she especially dislikes metal armor.

Soulstoning: Ruby cannot die, as such - any time trauma would lead to death, her body and soul reduces to a single precious stone. When the soulstone has been infused with enough power and/or emotional energy, she is restored. Equipment does not enter the stone and she will reappear naked, once empowered. Her soulstone appears as a simple, heart cut ruby with an imperfection that makes it look like a broken heart. She can be restored by feeding off the ambient energy in a place, which is a slow process, or expedite the process by making a pact with someone. For a portion of the person's soul, Ruby can be fully restored. She can also leech some abilities off of the other party, in some instances. In the event she makes a pact with a less powerful creature ( such as a human ), she pays the greater price, in interest of making the deal fair.

Abilities she has gained from pacts include-
-Strength and toughness from Harumda. Knowledge of all weapons. Though she needs training to use said knowledge.

Illusion: Being a Lord, Ruby can produce illusions affecting any of the five senses. The more senses she actually places in a single illusion, the harder it is to maintain. Disbelief from the one viewing the illusion will dispel it for that person. She can affect all but the sense of taste. She has the rare ability to affect the Sixth Sense, as well.

Hard Illusion: As above, but the Illusion MUST affect all five senses in order to use this power. The illusion will be capable of interacting with matter, and is as strong, sharp, etc as everyone believes. Unlike other illusions, this one will dispel if anyone perceiving it disbelieves.

Illusion Nets: Ruby can weave nets of Illusion over an item to mask another person or thing.

Fire of Passion: Ruby is not well practiced at this, and thus might use too much or too little power, but she can generate flames that stoke Passion in other hearts. She can specify what the passion is for, but only in a broad sense, like "Fighting" or "Lovemaking". She must be in Demon form to use it and strike a person with the flames, though the flames will not burn. They will only burn others or her clothing if she enters the Demon form unwittingly or otherwise loses control. The Fires can burn, however, if she wills it.

Suggestion: Ruby can place a suggestion in a subjects mind, layering her own voice with power so that it sounds as if it were the subjects own idea. It is a very subtle effect, so subtle that even the Seducer making the Suggestion can be unaware they are using it if they do so too often.

Love Potions: A personal potion will make her irresistible to anyone in it's range. A general potion, or a curse, will cause a person to fall in love with the next person they see. With some work, she can create a personal potion that will affect only one person of her choosing, if she can administer it ( such as a lipstick that will affect only the person she kisses ). Perhaps further study of magical theory will unlock more variations.

Finally, like all Avalonian Seducers, she can change her form however she likes. If she consumes someone's soul, she can assume their form, memories, and capabilities, but she also consumes some of their nature. This is known as Taking A Face.

Because she is mortal born:
-Her hungers are more easily controlled than normal.
-She can sleep and even dream ( In fact, she prefers to as it feels more normal for her )
-She has difficulties going without breath, though Avalonian Demons do not really need to breathe.

Endowments of Raven

Silver Tattoos: A pattern of silvery lines streak her body that mark her as Raven's Priestess. Raven is a Goddess of Trickery, Love between Women, Night, Fate, Natural Death, Knowledge, Anti-Violence, Confidence.

Minor time manipulation: She can slow down time in a ten foot radius from herself.

Fae Endowments
Hero's Call: Having received her powers from the Fae of Heroism, Ruby hears the calls of those nearby that are in need of a Hero. It is near impossible to ignore that call when it comes.

Transformation: Ruby shouts a phrase to summon up her transformation into one of Kamon's Heroes. She sprouts full armor directly from her skin, composed of a whitish gold metal. Along with the transformation comes supernatural speed, agility, strength and stamina. She also receives the unique endowment of control over electromagnetism.

Personality: Ruby is just becoming a woman, being a bit forced into it by her recent change from Human to Seducer Lord. She has always had a rather cavalier attitude towards sex that has been both fed and tempered by her new nature in surprising ways. She once had very little self-esteem but is quickly gaining a strong sense of confidence, possibly even arrogance. She's still resigned to an existence devoid of much in the way of real love. She is, as she has always been, very no-nonsense and fairly sharp.

Bio: Ruby was raised in a broken home with an abusive father and crack-addict mother. That, on top of constant comparison with her best friend, who happened to be the supernaturally gorgeous Kat, left her with very little sense of self-worth, though she functioned surprisingly well for it, facing her lot in life with resigned acceptance. She used sex as a means to fill a hole that wouldn't be filled, a habit she still retains, though she has come to regard the act as little more than a means for instant gratification. It has now also become an equally useful tool. She was pulled from her abusive environment by her now-bodyguard, Steel. It was the second of three incidences in which he took a hand in protecting her and has earned her trust and affection, if not what she would call love.

Misc.: Ruby is attending college, having settled on an MBA as a goal after becoming a Seducer inspired her to revive the Clan's presence in the club scene.

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