Name: Anora Heart
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Liosalfar: Elven, described as radiant and are known as enchanters.
Family: All family is deceased:
Father: Aldaren- a powerful necromancer from from the mountain fortress of Nythil
Mother: Lynessa- a Liosalfar elf from the valley of Witfar
Half-Brother: Karmak- pure Lionsalfar elf

Hair color: Sun-kissed Blonde
Eye color: Ocean Blue
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Magic including Necromancy and Elemental Control
Strengths: Very intelligent, agile, strategist, archery, swordsmanship
Weaknesses: stubborn, hand-to-hand combat
Likes: swimming, nature, writing, solitude, the sun
Dislikes: dark places, her necromancy powers, cold places
Fears: falling into the habits of her father, Necrophobia
Weapon(s): Bow and Arrow and Twin Sai
Personality: Headstrong, loner, cautious, compassionate, faithful, fierce, witty
Sayings: "Find a place where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain."

History: Anora's mother, Lynessa was out gathering crops when she was ambushed by several men from Nythil. The necromancers and elves were always in constant battle due to their difference. Lynessa managed to escape many months later and made her way back to her home in Witfar. She was pregnant with a child and only knew the father's name, Aldaren. Her firstborn son joined the royal guard to help pay for the families needs. She had her baby, but unfortunately died giving life to the child. Anora was left in the care of her then fifteen year old brother, Karmak.
Anora was cherished by all of he elves and many stated she looked like her mother. As soon as she was old enough, she joined her brother in the royal guard. Her first test was a year later in the battle of Encorvia. She survived, slaying a few necromancers in the process. When the dust settled she found her brother was not so lucky. He was slain by a necromancer who was standing over the body pulling out his black sword. Fury engulfed her as she demanded the man's name. He gave it, looking at her cruelly. Aldaren. Anora had no time to react as he was cut down by two guards. She felt no remorse for his death, but mourned her brother's passing.
She lived with the elves until her powers of necromancy began to surface. It happened at a burial ceremony and the whole incident scared the girl, until she fainted. When she awoke she was shunned from the community and treated like an outsider. She remained on the outskirts of the village, keeping to herself, until she couldn't stand it any more. She packed up her necessary supplies and took off in the middle of the night, never looking back.