Forbidden Love: Twin Sister / *Twin Sister*
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This rp has a lot of freedom. The twins can be loving and both consenting, or it can be rape at first and then the other learns to love her. I just gave the idea for the rape one. If you think of another idea for this that you would like to try out, please let me know.

___ and *___* are very close twin sisters. However, *___* has come to love ___ as more than just a sister. She has desires of pleasuring her twin sister and making her feel good. One night *___* takes action and forces her twin to have a steamy night with her. Because their parents are sleeping, the girls have to silence their moans and cries of pleasure. The next day, *___* is just as lustful as last night. Once their parents leave for work, *___* forces ___ to do it with her again, but this time they can scream as loud as they want. Each time *___* takes her, ___ falls more and more in love with her sister.