Smut time cool


Madame Hydra: Nights ago when Viper had achieved only half of the scrolls.
She opened the door of the house, entering the room she saw Strucker, he seemed frantic playing the piano, the expression on his face he longed for something and was using music to distract. Without making a sound Viper came up behind him, she hugged him and kissed his neck.

Baron Strucker: He stopped, he did not looked at her, he did not made a sound. If she looked down, she could see his buldge through his pants. “Viper. you know you won’t leave the room unharmed tonight, right?” If she left now, he would chase her, catch her and would go animalistic on her.

MAdame Hydra: She thought for a moment, after it stirs up a wolf with meat there is no escape. Tonight she will have many brands, but Viper like to provoke him. “You will hurt me more than normal? I’m deathly afraid.” She smiled and bit his neck.

Baron Strucker: He growled in her ear before picking her up. He pushed her onto the piano and shoved his hips against hers, so she could feel his trouble. He was aroused to the point of no return. “Mine..” The piano was making awefull sounds as he pushed once again against her hips. His hands were everywhere, trying to get rid of her clothing.

Madame Hydra: Just that he wanted to get rid of her clothes she wanted to take off his clothes, she kissed him and gave gentle bites. She could feel the pressure against his pants, she wanted to let him insane.

Baron Strucker: He grabbed her again and carried her to the couch, ripping the remaining articles of her body. He pinned her hands down before tracing his tongue up her body. Strucker forced his way between her legs as he growled again in her ear. A hand moved down to unzipp his pants and drop it just enough for his cock to spring out. It was pulsing, oozing with precum.

Madame Hydra: She gasped when she felt him inside her, she was wet when he penetrated her. Her hips followed his as her heart was beating fast, Viper strongly bite his neck and sucked, feeling his soft skin on her lips.

Baron Strucker: His claw moved down her back, leaving deep red markings on her skin. His arms wrapped around her frame as he forced himself in and out of her. Oh, he was not finished for a long time. The insane lust he contained right now, it was terrible but it felt so good to be in Viper, to make her scream. He bit down on her collarbone before licking it gently. He pulled down and moved Viper on her hands and knees before filling her again from behind. His chest laid on her back as he pulled her hair to get a kiss from her.

Madame Hydra: She pressed a long and hot kiss, was hard to kiss him, the urge to scream was wide. At the end of the kiss a word escaped her lips “Strucker”, the night was warm and this agitation It was not long she starts to sweat. She could feel his heavy breathing in her ear, she loved it, Viper also liked the touch of his hand, to feel his hands touching every inch of her body. Only he could touch her in that way.

Baron Strucker: He moaned loudly and leaned up. Strucker pulled at her hair as he moved in and out of her. Dominating her. His eyes closed, Strucker focused on the feeling of her walls clenching on his shaft. “Viper..”

Madame Hydra: A heat went up by the hips, she could not think of anything else, pleasure predominates over her mind. Viper could no longer resist, she had reached maximum arousal.

Baron Strucker: Strucker couldn’t help but feel his orgasm approach rather quickly. The position did miracles for his problem. “I..ah.. I’m sorry, I can’t hold it any longer.”

Madame Hydra: Viper seemed deaf to what he said, the pleasure still dominates her. The words were just a distant noise.

Baron Strucker: He growled and forced himself deeper, his shaft pulsing as he came. No words came out of his mouth, just a silent scream.

Madame Hydra: The sounds of the world came back, she felt a higher moisture inside. The breath was like someone who had run for hours, but unlike who runs her muscles were relaxed. And last she smiled.

Baron Strucker: He slowly leaned on top of her, panting. He was tired. “Viper.. I love you Viper.” He nuzzles her neck, holding her close.

Madame Hydra: She turned to him and stroked his face “I love you” She hugged him, feeling his scent. “Hope I have not ruined some key of the piano”

Baron Strucker: He smiled at her. “We can easily buy a new one if we want to. I have one in my office back in the base.” He kissed her head softly.

Madame Hydra: “You know how to let a woman exhausted” she was tired, Viper pulled him gently aside and nuzzled his neck. “Gute Nacht meine Liebe”

Baron Strucker: “Gute nacht mein liebe.” He pulled her close and rested his head ontop of her, before dosing off to sleep. Holding her in his arms.