I know it's past tense,
It's been a minute since,
We were a couple and,
Walking and holding hands.
Kisses and "I Love You"s,
Doing what lovers do.
But that was then.

Now we don't talk anymore.
You have a new guy, and It doesn't bother me.
But I would like to think you could talk to me.
People then say
"Man, why don't you just leave her alone?"
"Just give her some space."
I say, "I don't think I can."
I told you I'd be there for you.
I'd like to think that you can take that to heart.
If you know anything about me,
You know that I keep my word.
And, even though we're broken up,
I would still like to be friends with you.
The friend that you can come and talk to about anything.
It's true, if someone asks me if I still love you,
I tell them I have love for you.
I would never wish anything bad upon you.
I don't hold onto grudges or stay mad at anyone.
Even you.
So, I hope you take the meaning of this and come around.
Even if it's every once in a while.
But, if not, I can understand why.
Might make you leave your new guy.
I am me after all.