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My Stuff
I just write stuff that happens to me, or someone else, when I think it's important enough.
Feminism 2013
Feminism of the Current Times Explained... not really;

Common Feminist: There are no heroines in video games, why? This is sexist!
Gamer: What about Samus, Zelda, Chun-Li, Peach, Faye, Aya Brea, and Lara Croft?
Common Feminist: They're all really attractive, it gives the wrong idea that all women are really pretty and have big boobs. It's SEXIST!
Gamer: Zelda is a little girl in most of her appearances.
Common Feminist: And LINK is always the hero and he does everything and Zelda only gets rescued and s**t. It's SEXIST!
Gamer: ... in Majora's Mask if it wasn't for Zelda, Link would be dead. In Wind Waker if it wasn't for Zelda, he'd have never rescued his little sister. In Ocarina of Time Zelda was a badass ninja who taught Link about true heroism. In Twilight Princess she gave her powers to someone she wasn't sure could be trusted to help the kingdom... I could go on for weeks.
Common Feminist: Well, Samus is still too pretty, her boobs are huge and she's never shown any emotion. It gives a bad idea about women.
Gamer: Weren't we just talking about Zelda... Anyway.. in Other M she was made more sensitive and given character.
Common Feminist: She was made weak and talked too much it gave the off the idea that women are weak and ramble on about nonsense and are all dumb blondes. Everything is created by men to make women look bad. All the media and video games are run by males! Blah blah blah.

... this is Feminism in today's world.
Back when feminism was relevant women fought for important things, things that made sense. Nowadays it's just bitches bashing men for no reason.
You know the reason there's not that many female CEOs? Because you don't try, instead you use the excuse that men are keeping you from your goals like Christians use GOD and the Bible to explain why gay people are evil. Come on. I could keep going but this rant is stupid enough as it is.
Just like you could say all men are evil I could say all women are stupid, inconsiderate bitches. Matter of fact I could probably make a better argument than "Men are stupid, they think with their dicks and all they say is s**t!" Maybe if you got your head out of your a** you could see outside your goddamn bubble and realize how stupid you're being. I would help if, instead of approaching something by being a c**t about it and assuming you'll be victimized, you tried to THINK.. maybe if you stopped dating complete assholes you would be happy, maybe if you weren't stupid enough to let yourself be lead astray by honeyed words and false promises you wouldn't be left broken and alone. Maybe if you weren't such an attention whore you'd be liked by more people, maybe if you didn't post pictures of yourself naked "perverts" wouldn't look at them. You can't hate and expect back love. ******** you.

Shiki the Forsaken Prince
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