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Random Writings by Kovumaniac My Journal will be the place where I put my random writings (points up to title) such as fan fics that'll never go any where or just writings that are from characters I enjoy role playing as. I don't know I don't expect any one to read this I just wa

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Alcoholic! Child! Bullheaded! Stupid! Idiot! Annoying!
These and many more similar and more ‘colorful’ insults swarmed the Danes head. Generally it was easy to ignore these stupid insults, no one knew him really so there was no reason for him to feel hurt or pained by these words. But, at times his walls broke down and he just had to get away. They had no right, no right to insult him and bring him down when the life he lead and the way he lead it was what kept him from crumpling like a pathetically structured building. None of the other nations knew that he drank because of the nightmares, the spirits of his past victims would haunted his very dreams every night. None seemed to care at just how much he had really changed, how in his own way he tried countless times to repent for his past wrong doings. None seemed to know how hard it was to keep the beast of himself from being unleashed unless he used his energy to be as silly, goofy and fun as he could possibly be. No one seemed to care so why should he care that we was alone? He didn’t, for he was Denmark and he was strong on his own.
Yet….why did he feel so weak?
Letting out a groan and running his hand through his hair, Mathias lazily let his arms dangle over his legs. For a while he just stared at his bare feet and even moved them a bit for his own silly entertainment. But when that didn’t suffice Mathias let out yet another frustrated groan and stood up from the red cushioned seat on his boat. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world so it was nice to stand up and walk about his small private ship. And that’s all he did for a while, hours almost, just walk back and forth, checking that his sails were fine, making sure that the deck was clean, and just observing everything that the boat had to offer. Which wasn’t much but wood, wood, wood and more wood. Mathias finally stopped in his back and forth walking and let his shoulders slump. He had been doing this for a few weeks now, when he would become restless he would just walk about his boat as he just finished doing. More specifically he had been doing this little routine for almost two and a half weeks. He was amazed he wasn’t bored of the process yet. But then again his little boat was a good get away and he supposed walking about it like that was a bit of comfort when there was none to be had.
Mathias let out a soft sigh and touched the crescent wood of the ship near the cabin door. Gently he rubbed the familiar wood and couldn’t help but smile at the fact of how smooth it still was after years of use. Patting it, the Dane dropped his hand and looked up at the sky just because it was the only place he hadn’t looked in a while.
Wow, where had the time flown? It was already night and not only that it was one of his favorite nights. A night without the moon, just the stars. Without another thought, Mathias moved to the back of his boat and looked over the edge. There, he could see one of the wonders the sea had to offer. His blue eyes glazed over the water with fascination. It looked like the stars had fallen into the sea and were just floating upon the very surface. Mathias eyes slowly moved across the oceans surface, if it were possible he would count every star just because they were right there in his grasp. But instead he slowly let his gaze wander until it looked like the sky and the sea touched in an unbreakable union that would be shared for ever more on these moonless nights.
This was why he came out to the sea to be alone, this was why he would leave the world of his friends and bitter enemies, the world of technology and such. Just so he could get away from it all too eventually find the peace he was looking for to go back feeling refreshed. He had finally forgotten the insults that cluttered his mind, the past was long gone, and right now there was only a sea of stars, welcoming him to jump in and swim with the twinkling lights of the sky. And so, that’s just what he did.
No one can say they have swam with the stars, no one except me
Mathias thought to himself as he took off his shirt, pants, everything, and jumped into the water. The warm night air made the cool water seem pleasant as it engulfed him. Soon he was resurfaced and looking up at the stars before he put his hands behind his head and just floated there, just looking at the night sky and floating in the gentle waves.

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