the voice and screech of these demons feels like a tigers bane across my neck stranguling me, the first the worst the second the best and the last ones the bullet that drives me insane, ive ran for too long always known right from wrong was just too scared, the dark mist around my head is worse then the feeling of death its a useless brain that impaired, the walls stared at me today and ask how could you live with yourself, seventeen no job no education your creating your own hell, you lunatic, you should get hit with a brick have too suffer brain damage and live with it, i took a step back too let this feeling sink in too the point of were the fine line of self abuse and suicide started turning thin, then i remembered that i cant go back there again, i got outta bed started my day off with a grin, so i brushed off the mad monkeys driving me insane blew the smoke and clouds out from my brain then said too my demons in this box of my past shall you remain untill the end of time till i cant even rhyme, till i go down and cant remember my name, youve no hold of me , the untold story makes me feel gold then go bold drop the feeling of shimmery in my legs and forces my too stand up primitively and hold my pace stay sane and fly. Figurtively