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I'll Make You Proud (story by paige)
This journal on going to post chapters of my story "I'll make you proud".
Chapter 1
Ryan was a misfit and tried very hard to fit in. It was because he was a weirdo, he just had a hard time connecting to other kids. For this reason he was picked on and often bullied. It was the same way at home, where his brother Byron teased him and his father Malachi belted him and sexually abused him for fun. See, Ryan hated to admit this part, but he had a bed wetting problem and every time he wet the bed, would undress the boy and put him in the tub and play with him, but call it washing him. Ryan usually tried to hide the fact that he wet the bed that night from Malachi, but he usually found out and would belt his son for not telling him.
Today Ryan found out that his dad and lazy mom, Teaghan, were going oit of town for the weekend. He was excited to not have to deal with his dad. Besides he was also excited that his babysitter, Lynne would be with them all weekend. Ryan would never admit thi, but he had sexual fantasies about Lynne. She was also easy going and fun to be around.
"Ryan! Byron!" Teaghan called. The 12 year old twin boys rushed down the stairs, their dad got pissy if they werent in his site within twenty seconds after being called. They raced into the kitchen, where their parents were picking up bags and luggage. "We are leaving now boys." said the mother. "Lynne's running a little late but she will be here soon."
"Byron." Malachi said looking lovingly to his favorite son. "you be the good kid we know you are." His gaze shifted to Ryan and turned fierce. "And you, Nutcase, you behave or else I will belt you so hard when I get back you wont be able to see straight, walk or sit for three months. Got it Boyo?" He growled. Ryan didnt answer quick enough and his dad reached out and slapped him acrossed the face leaving a stinging sensation.
"Yes sir!" Ryan answered quickly. Malachi smiled a half toothless grin. He loved to make gis son feel scared of him.
"Good." He sneered and the parents departed. Ryan took a seat on the couch, joined by his "perfect" brother. they sat in awkward silence, the only sound was a clock ticking in the kitchen. Ryan sighed.
"Where do you suppose they are going Ry?" Byron asked, trying to start a conversation. Ryan looked to his twin andsnorted, almost as if he were a bull, then looked away. Byron knew his brother hated him and he didnt blame him one bit. It was obvious their dad cared more for Byron. He never once got belted nor was he sexually abused. He never got in trouble, even if everything was his fault, instead Ryan would be the one to get in trouble. Byron felt sorry for him. He felt the need to appologize. He took in a deep breath. "Ryan. Look, I'm very sorry about how Dad treats you compared to me. If I could I would-"
"Save it!" Ryan shot. "I dont need or want your f*cking sympathy." "Ryan I'm trying to patch things up with you. I cant sleep at night knowing i get treated so much differently than you." Ryan didnt say anything just stared at the floor. "please let me continue." Byron pleaded.
"Ok, thank you. So I was going to say I would trade places with you if I could." he finished his apology.
"Well you cant so just feel lucky it isnt you." They sat in another awkward silence, but this time broken when the door was opened revealing the beautiful Lynne.
"Hey boys. Sorry I'm late Cincinnati rush hour traffic is a doozy to get through on a friday evening." said they 17 year old, walking over to the couch where the twins were sitting. "So! How's my two favorite boys?" Ryan didnt look up and Byron shrugged. "Well this is going to be interesting."
"Shut the f*ck up!" Ryan yelled getting up and running up the stairs and to his room. Lynne looked shocked. Usually Ryan hit on her, not yelled at her. She looked at Byron who just shrugged. Lynne had no idea about the abuse Ryan took daily. Upstairs the distraut pre teen lay on his bed and tossed a ball up in the air snd caught it as it came down. He did this for approximately 10 minutes and then begun to drift off to sleep. The ball came down and hit him in the nose. He jumped up. "Motherf*cking ball!" He yelled as he chucked it to Byrons side of the room. He rolled over and watched the eeaves dance in the wind on the tree next to the window. He closed his eyes and was soon asleep.

heart im a girl my name is paige heart ryan is a character in a book i am writing heart
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