So it's only a week away, but I'm super excited for next weekend. The Muscular Dystrophy walk is on Saturday, which I have planned for over 3 months now, and even though there was a lot of debate if my family could put their differences aside for one day and do this walk to support Jordan has had me completely stressed and frustrated. Half of the team wasn't pulling their weight, and after an argument last week things have picked up. It would have been stupid to be called 'Team Jordan' without Jordan. But after sorting things out, and even possibly thinking my Dad is great, which is rare, things are back on track.

[Team Jordan]
My team is also in 2nd for top team fundraisers [Woot Woot]

So after that nice 5k walk on Saturday, Katie and I are doing the Goodlife 5k run on the Sunday, we have also been training for the run for months. We joined Goodlife back in February, and we go 3 - 4 times a week depending on our schedules, I am so lucky to have such a great workout buddy. Today was one of our distance training days. And hell my ankle hurts it didn't help that I had work right after, my ankle is so swollen it looks like I don't have a ankle. But I can't wait either way, Katie and I totally have this, our first run ever. So excited, freaking out a bit, always nervous doing things out of my comfort zone.

But yes so excited for both of these things, to support my brother Jordan by doing this walk, and by supporting my brother and sister in the Goodlife diabetes run.