Age: Immortal

Type: creator of all universes but appears as a high-class god(dess)

Appearance: HUGE pure snow-white wolf with amber eyes and a freakishly long tail

Bio: once lived a harsh life of pure abuse, blood, and pain, but killed the humans who did it to her. since for-ever ago she's been highly skilled at many things, combat and killing are two of these things. she can be dead-calm most of the time and when she's angry ********. she can be nice but she has some bitterness to every nice thing she does. she appears pretty cold and WILL kill with-out hesitating or missing a blow. when she appears her very presence will over-power you ( duh, right cat_4laugh ) she has a second pelt made of pure razor-sharp blades, yes, when you make the slightest impact with this armored pelt the object with either break/shatter, but if it's a hand or say, your face, it will be just about ripped apart. she's pure wolf but can let out a super-sonic screech/roar that of a dragon

Fighting Style: she really has no "style", she simply races around at light-speed and slams you on your butt XD but she enjoys a fight with a worthy opponent.

Background: travels from place to place alone, with no-one to accompany her. she's at the most advanced level, a true legend, some-times even an entertaining story or some-thing to use against children, she's also known for her unspeakable power and over-powering presence, and her known will to either save lives, or take lives, yeah, you once had a fatal disease or some-thing? thank her and the doctors for healing you.

Mate/Relationships: no family, and no known mate.