I am hiding in the smallest cavern, in a place where my heart was...

where all i do..is hear nothing,except the thoughts that ponder...

* Humans are given the greatest power
to create, to share, to love...

yet they are also given the fearsome power
to destroy, to lie, to hate...
...and down the line, many of us deceive and trick one another..
into thinking that the mask we wear....is really who we are.

A mask, that once its torn down...it reveals the true stranger hidden behind it..
and burns down the strongest bonds between
families, friends, and allies...
...where "enemies" is all that rises from the ashes.

Where "love" was just a fantasy..

Yet there is a question thats been dusted off the pages of history..
...." was man born good or evil?"...

nevertheless i neglect to answer this question because what i do know..
is that man can never steer away from there destiny,

of being imperfect.

Because for humans....imperfection, is unavoidable..

Yet there should be no fear of making mistakes..because
our debts have been paid, with a eternal blood.

blood...that makes all those mistakes, turn into snow.

Yet does that blood wash away all the pain, that others have marked on our bodies?
Or the marks we, have inflicted on others?

Pain that makes the sharpest knife, look blunt.

Yet do we have this power..to inflict this pain,
And also...to receive it?

Or is it all a trick that fools the spirit..

Into thinking that:
trust, loyalty, and love

are what we want, yet can never truly achieve*

All of these thoughts shake my spirit, and make me feel like....there is no light at the end in this cavern..
...yet i hear a voice that is cold yet i can find no falseness...in its tone..

it shows me that, thinking negatively...about anything..
wont get me anywhere...

Even though those words are blunt, they are true.

They allow me to hold onto what i believe in,
that each one of us.......has the chance to be more, than what we are..

Humans are given the power to ..
take there imperfect destiny, and be reborn....