Name - Renami
Nicknames - Rena
Gender - Female
Age - 21 years

Sexuality - Bisexual
Species - Succubus
Eye Color - Gold
Height - 5' 6"

Body Build - Athletic
Hair Color/Length/Style - Shoulder length red hair
Additional Appearances(Tail/Ears/Tattoos) - Pointed ears, dark red wings, dark red tail, horns
Power(s) - The ability to manipulate emotions (mostly those that deal with the sexual nature). Also can control the Shadows and can conjure up a large black scythe. Can also release a pheromone that controls the victim's body

Bio: Born to a wealthy Succubi family, Renami or Rena for short, has always lived the lavish life; never needing to do any work since she had slaves who took care of her needs. At the age of 19 she decided that she wanted to start to live on her own, so with her parent's acceptance she did just that. Currently she is looking for another slave to add to her collection
Personality - Renami isn't known for being the quiet type; she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's highly sexual, due to her demonic nature, and isn't shy to flaunt her assets. At times she tends to be hyper and can be a klutz if she isn't careful, which sometimes has consequential results. She also will not hesitat to punish her slaves if she deems it neccessary
Fears - None currently
Likes - Singing, dancing, sex, parties, sweets
Dislikes - Spiders, the rain, bugs


Position (uke[submissive], seme[dominant], seke[both]) - Seke

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