It's almost the end of the week! dramallama I had a math test today, and I was pretty nervous about it. I think I did really well, though. This chapter, we did something different. We normally do notes in class, and of course would we would have homework. Our teacher wanted to experiment by having our homework be our notes (we would write the section of notes from the book into our journal at home instead of following his notes) and do homework during class. By doing this, we could ask any questions we had before the homework was due, instead of after. I liked that we didn't have as much homework, although I was never able to finish the entire assignment in just 41 minutes, but I felt like I was teaching myself. We started To Kill a Mockingbird in English. So far, I'm not a fan, but I never am of those classic books. Of course, I've only read two chapters, so it's not a fair judgement. You know what was a really terrible book, though: Great Expectations. Luckily, I didn't have..... great expectations for that book, anyway.
Here's my favorite character from The Legend of Korra:

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It's Tenzin (and his youngest child)!