cramps up the wazoo, horrible headache all day, a sore throat, and I'm having issues breathing (as in, I can't ever seem to get enough air...), along with chest pain that prevented me from running this morning.

If this happens for the third or fourth day in a row, I may have to get it checked out.


but in other news, some good news!

had a huge term paper due date pushed back to next week (versus this friday), and the weather's finally warming up!

and I got my work schedule for May! It has to be adjusted for graduation, but looking at all those hours makes me excited... whee

there's still a crapton to do, but it seems more manageable to have a weekend to work on it.

so tomorrow, get to head to class later than usual & have a breakfast party in celebration of the completion of our final projects. then a test, which will be stupid because the prof STILL hasn't sent out a review for it.

friday the Nashville saga becomes very real, with an off-campus orientation meeting in the morning! then a future roomie date that evening/afternoon; we're gonna dress up and go to IHOP. Why? cuz we can. xD

then for "dead week", there are technically 5 papers due, along with a mini-presentation.



yup, at my college, we have a day where the main parking lot is overtaken by farm animals, and there are a host of farm-related contests, including (via copy/paste from the mass email smile "Ag Day Obstacle Course, Round Bale Rolling, and Hay Bale Stacking from 12:00-1:30. All day, a Machinery Cross Word Puzzle will be available." they will also be having livestock judging~ (which I am uuuuuber excited to watch haha)

and dem farm boys... ehehehe. guys actually outnumber the girls on our campus, thanks to the awesome agriculture and engineering programs. which is really legit.

on a work-related note: dutch names are hard to pronounce. i've been working here for a year and a half, and today is the first day I've pronounced one of our sponsor's names right. *cue the proud moment* I also gave myself an obit quiz, asking my supervisor if I was pronouncing the names correctly. 3/4 correct~~

on a school-related note: the marketing test tomorrow? yeah, that's not gonna be fun. on tuesday the prof was like, "oh. We have a test thursday?.... Yeah, yeah, that's still on."

he had yet to even write the test. much less get us any kind of information on what we're supposed to be studying.

... been getting "out of office" emails back from mom. haven't the foggiest idea where she is or what's going on that she isn't at work...

yay for not communicating with people back home. Seriously, two weeks ago the woman went to Florida for half a week, and I didn't find out about it until I emailed her asking to do a favor for me back home, and she's like, "um, i'm in florida...?"

and joyous moment I haven't shared with you yet! once upon a time I did some ghost-writing for one of the organizations she volunteers for, and my writing helped win them A NATIONAL AWARD.


so maybe it's not as bad as I think it is sometimes.... hehehehehe.

the only rule I'm very flexible with in informal writing like this is, quite obviously, case sensitivity. i just can't be bothered to hit the "shift" key... xD I never did like that when i was learning to type.

there are two of them. I never know which one I'm using (except on default ones like I.)

there should be a keyboard shortcut to google stuff. just highlight it, hit the shortcut, and viola! a google search of highlighted term.

... anywho.

so, schedule. in detail, now.

Tomorrow: marketing test, tech final project due (& a party to celebrate!)
Friday: Ag day, off-campus meeting, and roomie date
Saturday & Sunday: work & homework
Monday: Interpersonal journals & psych final paper due
Tuesday: Mini-presentation for marketing
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Hist. of English log and position paper due, along with a tech assessment
Friday: band concert
Saturday: piano jury
Sunday: nada
Monday: begins finals week.

whoop whoop, the end is near! yet nothing is getting crossed off my list..

with the warmer weather, I don't want to do anything but plan for summer. *sigh*

planning a surprise or two (or three? ;]) for karen's grad stuff. i'm having to live vicariously through her, as my own graduation SUCKED.